Israel’s great deception?

Op-ed: Are Bibi’s and Barak’s plans for Iran strike only meant to elicit global cooperation against Iran?
Eitan Haber

It’s still hard to believe (although everything is possible around here) that Prime MinisterEhud Barak will be ordering our Air Force jets to take off and head to nuclear option. For the time being, the State of boycott on Iran and/or a strike by America’s great army. Both options would be good for us.


Gaza Strip
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In order to prompt the world to impose a boycott and/or to prompt America to strike, political leaders must create a situation whereby “Israel is crazy” and “Israel is going to strike.” This is what Bibi and Barak have been doing, apparently, in the last few years. They embarked on real preparations for an Iran strike that were spotted by those who need to know among Western and Arab intelligence agencies.



Israel’s “hold me back” approach, with a real option for an Israeli strike, went up a notch this weekend, with the banking boycott going into effect and Iran being disconnected from the Yom Kippur War.




On the other hand, if this isn’t a successful show, but rather, genuine preparation for an Israeli strike, Bibi and Barak still deserve much praise for prompting the world to cooperate with us. All that would be left then is to pray for great success.



And what if the undersigned is also being fooled by Bibi and Barak’s show? Firstly, it could certainly happen. Secondly, at least I shall be in good company, with Obama, Sarkozy, Ahmadinejad and the entire world. And when that world goes up in flames, who would even remember the words printed here today?