Report: Gaza truce reached

Israel denies report, says quiet will be met with quiet; terrorists threaten to expand rocket range
Elior levy
דיווח על הפסקת אש; ישראל: שקט תמורת שקט

לפי רשת „אל-ערבייה”, ישראל וארגוני הטרור ברצועת עזה הגיעו להסכם על הפסקת אש בתיווך מצרים – בלי תנאים מקדימים. בישראל אישרו שיש תיווך מצרי, אך אמרו שלא מתנהל משא ומתן: „שקט ייענה בשקט. אם זה לא ייפסק, תהיה הסלמה”

A ceasefire agreement has been secured between Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip and Israel, the al-Arabiya network reported Monday night.


According to the report, the truce was finalized via Egyptian mediation and without pre-conditions. However, Israeli officials denied a deal was reached, saying that airstrikes in Gaza will be halted only once rocket attacks end.



The officials did confirm that Egypt was involved in mediation efforts but said no negotiations were taking place. “Quiet will be met with quiet. Should the fire not end, we’ll see further escalation,” one official said.



Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad’s military wing Spokesman Abu Ahmed declared that should Israel not halt its airstrikes, his group will expand its rocket range and target additional Israeli cities previously spared attacks. The ball is in Israel’s court, he said, adding that a truce would require the Jewish state to halt its aggression and pledge to refrain from assassinations of terrorists.




Senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Zahar estimated that a truce would be secured soon, noting that statements issued by Israel indicate that Jerusalem is not interested in exacerbating matters in Gaza. Hamas also does not with to see further escalation and is making efforts to agree on a lull with Palestinian factions, he said.



Earlier, a Hamas parliament member said Egypt submitted a truce proposal that would see Cairo supplying fuel for Gaza’s power plant.



More than 40 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in Israel Monday, with the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepting 13 incoming projectiles. The Air Force staged more than 10 strikes in Gaza, killing at least two Islamic Jihad terrorists.



Attila Somfalvi and Roi Kais contributed to the story