Gaza terrorists barrage south; IAF strikes Strip

Gaza’s terror groups fire dozens of rockets at Negev communities; none injured. Air Force stikes several cells; Palestinians report Jihadist killed, dozens of civilians injured
Yoav Zitun

Nonstop barrage on south continues: Gaza terrorists fired more than a dozen rockets at Israel‘s Negev communities Monday morning, as the escalation on the country’s southern border entered its fourth day.

Israel Air Force jets targeted several terror cells in Gaza Strip overnight and Monday morning. The IDF said the pilots reported hitting their marks.

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At least five grad rockets were fired at Beersheba since the early hours of the morning and the Iron Dome battery stationed in the area was successfully engaged several times. Nevertheless, one hit was reported on the city’s outskirts.


The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the morning’s slavo.



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IAF strike on terror cell (Video: IDF)


Overnight, two Color Red alerts sounded in Beersheba just moments before Islamic Jihad terrorists fired Grads at the city.



The IDF said that pursuant to the nightly attack, IAF jets struck targets in Gaza Strip.




A spokesperson for the Eshkol Regional Council said that seven rockets were fired at the council’s communities overnight, landing mostly in open areas. One rocket hit a kindergarten building, causing some property damage but no injuries.



Two other rockets were fired at the Lachish area, causing no harm.


Rocket landing site (Photo: Ze’ev Trachtman)


The Home Front Command reiterated its directive barring any mass gatherings of over 500 people within a 7-40km radius of the Gaza border.



The IDF advised the area’s residents to remain close to shelters and abide by security forces’ orders.


In accordance with the Home Front Command recommendations, IDF soldiers sent to reinforce the Gaza division troops, have begun escorting school buses in the Gaza vicinity communities, in order to help guide the children in case a Red Color alert is sounded.





‘IDF targeting top Jihadists’


Palestinian sources reported two IAF strikes in the Strip’s north and south, causing 35 civilian casualties.



According to one report, an operative with the al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, was killed in one of the strikes.



Palestinian sources said that one of the strikes caused a three-story building in the northern Gaza neighborhood of Jabalya to collapse, injuring 17 people.


Palestinian search and rescue services were reportedly on the scene and the injured were rushed to Gaza’s Kamal Aduan hospital.



A second strike was reported in the central Gaza Strip neighborhood of Sajaiya, injuring three people.



A spokesman for the Islamic Jihad said that the IDF was trying to target top operatives, but to no avail.



Islamic Jihad Deputy Secretary-General Ziad a-Nahala denied Monday reports suggesting Egypt was negotiating a ceasefire with Gaza’s militant groups.



„Israel is the aggressor and so it has to half fire first. After that, we will assess the situation and decide on a ceasefire,” he said.



A-Nahala added that the Islamic Jihad has informed Cairo that it opposes any ceasefire with Israel.