Defense Ministry Team Visits the Van District in Eastern Turkey

Defense Ministry team visited the Van district in Turkey. The team was led by Dudu Chen, head of the Emergency Preparedness Department, and Marcel Aviv, Coordinator of the Humanitarian Aid mission for the earthquake in Turkey. Three months ago a catastrophic earthquake hit the region; hundreds of people died and thousands of others lost their homes.



Local university rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yozar and district Vice-Governor Ahmet Kazankyeh conducted the tour for the Israeli delegation. The latter spoke about the aid from the Israeli Defense Ministry: “After the harsh quake that occurred here, you came, you the Israelis, with a lot of material and a lot of willingness to help. And for this I thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.” He added “You are our true friends, and the proof is what we see here. Only true friends can help so quickly and with such concern for their partners.”



During the tour, Prof. Dr. Yozar said that more than 800 students will now be able to inhabit the structures provided by the Defense Ministry to the locals after the earthquake. “Thanks to these structures we will be able to put life back on track here. We will finally be able to re-house the families and students that left right after the disaster.”



After the structures’ dedication ceremony, the Turkish and Israeli representatives placed a joint sign at the site. At the press conference which followed, Dudu Chen averred that: „When the disaster was brought to our attention we knew that the Defense Ministry had the ability and experience to provide fast and efficient service to any place in the world. We transported, via air and sea, 50 mobile structures and 80 housing structures. We were overjoyed to see that in the next few days they will all begin serving the local community. We predict that we will complete the building of all the structures by the middle of next month.”