Yair Lapid: I won’t join Kadima

Journalist-turned-politician ends speculation, says no one knows what ‘bunch of cynics in Kadima believe in’ 
Attila Somfalvi

Yair Lapid ended speculation on Thursday when he declared on his Facebook page that he has no intentions of joining the Kadima party.



„There’s no way I’m joining Kadima. They’re a bunch of cynical politicians who have been cast out from other parties. No one has any clue as to what, if anything, they believe in and there is no chance I am joining them.”


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Asked whether he will be willing to join the Labor party, he said: „Shelly Yachimovitch is a fine Knesset member but she is part of the radical Left, both economically and politically, and I cannot join forces with people with whom I have no ideological connection.”


He also stated, „I am hardly part of the leftist camp and I will join any government that accepts my core principles: changing the governing system, cancelling the Tal Law anc changing the distribution of resources for the benefit of the middle class.”



On Wednesday, Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni announced that Kadima primaries will be moved up and called on Lapid to join her party. „I have to say, Lapid represents Kadima’s platform very well, but if we share the same ideas we have a responsibility.”


She added, „One option is that his foray into politics will bolster the group that wants to replace the government and another option is that it will weaken and divide this camp.”