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+972 Magazine
Former Mossad head sees real danger in Netanyahu & Barak
In the Bizarre US debate, head of Mossad, IDF chief, would have been …
Rightwing MK to Netanyahu: GOP should nominate YOU for 2012
+972 Magazine needs your support!
Israel to start collecting fingerprints from all citizens
WATCH: Private Israeli security guard attacks protesters with live fire
5,000 protestors in Tel Aviv say YES to 1967 borders

… and you shall affix them to your doorposts

A Full Circle
Day 265, june 5, 2011
Day 266, june 6, 2011

A Holy Break
Quote of the day
Shavuos: let’s talk about money!

A Journey of Discovery
Things That Bug Me

A professional queer jew’s blog
be here or there or there rain or shine

A Sclerotic goes to War
Syrian forces kill 63 protesters in deadliest day yet
Ahmadinejad says Israel, U.S. will ‘collapse’ in near future – Haaretz Daily …
Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Syria’s Shame

Aliyah L’Torah
The Biggest Tikkun

More Obama Doctrine in Action

Ancient Hebrew Poetry
The Book of Genesis: Background Reading

Divine Order mutilation
I’m Back!

A ‘Schuuss’ Halacha for the new week … The Motzei Shabbat …

Around The Island
Welcome to Summer Stock Sunday 2011!

Association for the Political Defense of Israel
How Can One Deal With The Liars Everywhere?

At Home in the Holy Land…
Global Warming Conspiracy Theory…

Greek Lemon Chicken

Before Shabbat — a Weekly column and commentary
Last week I was reminded of the title of a record produced in 1969, by the …

Betar Israel
Get – Our video series for courses!

Beyond Orthodox Conversion to Judaism
Past and Present Royalty

Bienvenidos a Por Israel
There will be no peace with Palestinians
Jerusalem, the rights and errors
Closing remarks by Geert Wilders at his trial in Amsterdam
Andrew Roberts, MP

Blog Do Aluizio Amorim
Interview In De Palocci Jon was Pathetique
Palocci’re Out Of Government
Sponholz: Consultations & consultancies
Vai Pra Casa Padilla!
New Chapter Of Scandal: The Orange From Palocci
Scandal Points Palocci The Beginning Of The End Of The Hegemony Pt

Blog WebJudaica.Com.Br
President of CJL Conversation with the Mayor of NY

Creating Hatred Of Jews & Israel: Jihad On College Campuses

Brit In Jerusalem
The Jesus boat in Ginosar

Israel is gearing up for the battle, and its supporters in the U.S. and the …

With the over-abundance of Synagogues in O.C., I had to pick this one!

Chaptzem Blog!
Rockland lawmakers speak out about New Square incident
Troubling pattern in New Square
Second family claims New Square harassment, leaves village

„In 1938, my grandfather got on a train in Baghdad – he worked for the British …

Coisas Judaicas
Noa and Mira Awad – We Can Work It Out
Israel sends more troops to the border with Lebanon
Report: Hamas hands Egypt ‘final answer’ on Shalit deal

Dr. Miguel Weil, „held in Israel’s dream of being a scientist” by …
Geneva Accord by Natalie Burak

Conversion 2.0
Hi, I don’t think I introduced myself but I creepily started following you a few …

Corresponsal Israel Palestina
Assad moved tanks into the city of Hama

Craftwork Of A Jewitch
BLESSED BE Witch’s Blessing Ritual Soy Spell Candle

Crafty {Jenny} Ayelet
The Outlawz Does Minies!

Daniel Dagan
Ahituv, Israel: Refugees from Iraq to produce the best pickles in the world! / …

Daphne Anson
How To Get Your Girls – All 72 Of Them (video)
In California, The Assault On Brit Milah Calls In a Blond Action Hero

Dave Kay
Tuckers Law Shirts |
sgdg: Meet the World Flag Campaign

Direct Experience
Tel Be’er Sheva – Be’er Sheva
Be’er Sheva

Distilled Beer בירה ועוד
Liwf Part 1 – Around the world of wine in 80 minutes with a bunch of wine.

Divrei Chassidus Chübelsack
This is Unity (Y-Love)

Dos Music
Matisyahu – Usipedia
Ehud Banai – „Fragments of Night ‘| disk recommendations
New Album: A Weznicar Playback
Udi Ulman powerful new hit! „Help protect”

Second draft of Book 1 available

Dutchblog Israel
Mladic & Zorreguieta

East Med Sea Peace
bubble bursting soccer ball..

Easternblocklox’s Blog
With the over-abundance of Synagogues in O.C., I had to pick this one!

Elena’s Israel Blog
Jerusalem in Six Days!

Enlace Judío
Thousands marched in Tel Aviv in support of Palestinian State
Bibi bright

Entre dos tierras
Events in honor of Bin Laden in Gaza – Manifestacions in honor of Bin Laden to …

Fesel NewsLetter – June 2011
Correcting injustice

Espańa con Israel
Israel will build five water desalination plants
According to Palestinian officials, Israel and Hamas are close to reaching an …

eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew Blog
7 things you need to know about Leah

Ethiopian World Network
RASTAFARI SABBATH#35b Amharic Numbers Chap6 Nazirite Vow & Priesthood Blessing …

Iraqi cleric al-Sadr and followers tell US „Go Home”
God or the multiverse?
Hopes for alien life get a big boost from worms
American-born Muslim convert tells fellow Muslims to kill Americans
For now, Wiccan chaplains will not be paid in California
Foreign aid conundrum.

Ezequiel Eiben
In favor of freedom

Fablog: the Omer
Tonight Count 47
Videos: Harassment Against Fromowitz Family

Falafel Appreciation Society
falafel special by dharmagirl1974 on Flickr.
Heights Falafel by jshyun on Flickr.
super falafel ftw! by tonilaakso on Flickr.
Falafel cross process. by rezanaghibi on Flickr.
Falafel. by JessicaNjoo on Flickr.
Falafel. by JessicaNjoo on Flickr.

: : : : Blue Magic : : : :

Fiery Spirited Zionist
EU Colluding With the PA Against Jews

Food 101 אוכל
‫ ‬ spring cashew ice cream
Jaffa Flea Market ‫ ‬ arises
‫ tortillas with chicken strips Akersfeim (or: How do I upgrade leftover …
‫ ‬ turkey shawarma dish
‫ spinach with brown rice recipe of my mother ‬
‫ ‫ city baked together – Coffee Shrine ‬ ‬
‫ cheesecake with white chocolate, rum raisin ‬
‫ recovering natural gourmet especially members of the strength of 24.6, 15.7 ‬
‫ blog literary club „Orange” – twin lies / Audrey Nypnger ‬
‫ ‬ coffee guy
‫ personal Onion – anyone can really prepare ‬
‫ ‬ Chocolate Tart
‫ ‫ Cziaki on roasted sweet potatoes ‬ ‬
‫ Lemon Grass Tel Mond …. Big No No ‬
‫ ‫ Chocolate Workshop: Part A ‬ ‬
‫ pie onion and green beans build ‬
‫ yogurt drink – used – orange refreshing ‬
How fast are you?
whore [Hebrew: Zona]
Turkish Ice Cream  (by TheBadTube)

Omg, I Hate Comcast!!!

front lines
Report: Hamas drafts final Schalit deal in Cairo
Rekindled Syrian protests could revive Assad’s threat to hit Israeli border

Frum Girl Gone South
My Story -part 7

FY  Jewish
interro-banged: You see that shit! That is quality Challah…
fuckyeahbeingjewish: Kiss The Girl…Hebrew Version!!!
totheblankpage: IDFBy me
falafelappreciations …

Parshat Bejaaloteja: Lighting Up with the Love of God
Parshat Bechalotecha: Enlightening Ourselves with G-d’s Love

Green Prophet
Turkey’s Dams Are Violating Human Rights, UN Report Says

Haifa Haifa חיפה חיפה
‫ Hecht already visited the park? ‬

Reader question: What does Machon in German?
Shavuot is

Hasidism for the Rest of Us
All of a Piece

Hebrew Nanach
Approved by: Rabbi Nathan Episode 8

cloysterbell: theykeepkillingrory: Tomorrow is Saturday.Tomorrow is …
Dear Doctor Who Fandom,
fuckyeahdoctorwhoand …
I can’t sleep because I’m too nervous/excited/worried about finding out who …

História das Religiőes e Religiosidades
First document in which Hitler defends the killing of Jews is topped by the …
Jerusalem: 4000 Years in 5 Minutes

How To Be Popular At Shul
How to Be Popular at Sleepaway Camp, Way #4: Impress people by doing power hour
How to Be Popular at Sleepaway Camp: Bring hard salami

imagine nation
dreamthrop: ITC does Sar El. We spent two weeks volunteering on…

Irit Shalom
Let’s celebrate card

Israel – Nature
How to save the tuna?

Israel Forum
How long before Israel becomes the sacrificial lamb?

Israel in Photos
Domus Galilaeae International Center

A field trip into history

Foreskin Man
Good News From Israel – Interesting and Informative

Jacob Shwirtz’s Shwirtzings
Guys Choice Awards

Jacob Wake Up!
„Jake, have a great summer, you’re in charge.”
„I can smell his cousin’s polo mixing with his grandpa’s old spice and the …
Espressotini. Perfect.

Jake’s Comedy Corner
June 4th 1896: Henry Ford completes the Ford Quadricycle, his first …

Jerusalem Backyard

Jerusalem Hills daily photo
For a limited time only

Jewamongyou’s Blog
Who is a “Cherokee”?

Jewish and American Law
Day 46 of the Omer

Jewish Currents
June 4: Wendy Wasserstein
A Brief Response to Bob Cartwright

Jewish Jewelry Store
14Kt Yellow Gold Star of David (Made in the Holy Land)
Israel Sites Tourism Beaches Girls Jewish Holy Land Zionism
Q&A: Islamic Empire influence the development of world history?
1. What is Islam ? Does Islam Teach Terrorism ? Ambassador of Peace Dr. Tahir ul …
Lemon Yellow Jewish Star of David Wooden Earrings
1.25CT. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Jewish Hai Pendant in 14KT. White Gold
Travel – Charm of Venice
0.70CT. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Jewish Hai Pendant in 14KT. White Gold

Jewish Life and Learning – Stack Exchange
How to chat up a jewish girl?

Jewish Single Mom By Choice
The Beginnings of Mischief

Local Stew: Jewish – Recap/Writeup – Young Adult Division of JFMD meeting http: …

JewPI Jewsletters daily newsletter on Blogs – 2011-06-03

Jews in Baseball
A Pinch Hit See-Ya-Later From Braun

JG, Caesarea
Obama, Recall Ambassador Ford from Syria!
New York Times Editorial, „President Assad’s Bloody Hands”: A New Level of …
Thomas Friedman, „Advice for China”: Look to Tunisia

José María Lizundia Zamalloa
La Casita Azul in Washington

Judaica Sound Archives at FAU
„Yerushalayim shel Zahav”
Dieudonné is funding his film „The Anti-Semite” in Iran

Juudean jupinoita
Crispy and sweet

Jüdische Allgemeine
Embarrassing, embarrassing

Sha’anan Streett of Hadag Nahash at the Jewish Market in…
Shabbat Shalom!
The Miracle Of Creation
Know The World You Live In
NTV On Kabbalah Or “Growing Pains” Of Humanity
Playing With The Infinite Light
The Path To Infinity
Study On The Verge Of Revelation

Laurel Snyder
It’s summer…

Lazer Beams
Armchair Commando Series: Part 2, Lower Body Exercise

Leben in Jerusalem
Video of the Israeli army (IDF) for „Mavi Marmara Flotilla in 2010
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and his anti-Semitism
Tourist season in Tel Aviv

A pro-war meeting in Tunisia
Juppe and Arab policy of France – a real threat!
Incredible …. … But true. and current

Let My People Know
1,000 Palestinians receive hearing aids – Israel Activism, Ynetnews

Vintage Airplane

Lisboa – Tel Aviv
The poison apple

lizrael update
Baby Shape ‘Happening’ tomorrow in Jerusalem.

Love of the Land
Hornik: Israel Faces New Flotilla Threat
Gordon: Olmert’s Self-Serving Myth Promotes Cause of Palestinian Rejectionism
Latma: Palestinian prehistory and the generals’ expert opinions
Toameh: The New Egypt Does Not Care About The Gaza Strip

Ma Pitom!
HASBARA-ts!: A totalitarian society

Marc’s Words
A night in the Desert

Marissa in Israel: An Aliyah Blog
elizrael: Last month, the leading Israeli satire show “Eretz…

Marit ben Israel עיר-האושר
Last bath separation – Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, …

Mashiach is coming
A vile campaign

Mati Shemoelof
Impurity | Raji Bathish |

Matt Erlandsen
And you, you took your pain killers Alien Today?

Pre-Shavuot KCC From Jewish Boston

„Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.”

Mellanöstern aktualia mm
Palestine refugees and their questionable right to return

Mevakesh Lev
Sons And Students

Midlife Singlemum

Null – A Work in Progress by Noa Wertheim

Shavuot – Chag Sameach!

Mollie’s War
The Jewish Veteran

My Random Diatribes (Michael Makovi’s Random Thoughts)
Fiat Currency vs. Commodity Currency, and the Crime of Private Money

My Right Word
J Street Does NOT Boycott „Settlements”
Who Says Sarah Palin Can’t Think?

My Shrapnel
Alyn Wheels of Love, Take Four

Na Nach Cartoon
Shavuot everybody are at Rebbi Nachman ‘s in Jerusalem שבועות כולם אצל רבי נחמן …
On Shavuos one can read the Tikkun or dance but the principle is to be awake and …
Rebbi Nachman said that the principle on Shavuot is to stay awake and on Hoshana …
One should believe in Rebbi Nachman and not trust his senses this is Simplicity …
One should be careful not to make a Golden Calf after Shavuot צריך להזהר שלא …
Rebbi Nachman heard voices & Lightning during Matan Torah רבי נחמן שמע קול …
On Shavuot Breslov Hasidim used to gather to hear Torah from Rebbi Nachman in …

Na Nach Nachma
Reb Noson on the Blessing of Wealth
An Empty Yetzer Hara
Breslov Pamphlets

Achieving Balance Class #12

Never Done: My Mussar Year
I got a sports massage

One Pot Meal: Garlic Basil Stir Fry

Mussar: On a Different Form of „Texting”

No Camels
MicroPointing: Israeli Company Develops World’s Smallest Mouse

Norway  Israel and the jews
Expect a raucous debate in Tromsř

Okay, just who’s in charge now? / Yerushalmi 11b-12a

NY’s Funniest Rabbi
Guten Erev Shabbos

Oh yeah Jewish food

Open Source Judaism
Magneto and the Holocaust

Organized Disorder חוסר סדר מאורגן
Six Days in June – a journey to liberate Jerusalem

Palestinians in Lebanon cancel „Naqsa Day” marches
teamsandwich: Here’s moreI’m sorry if this offends…
teamsandwich: Here’s more
sisterzion: While all you supposedly “liberal” & “pro-gay”…
I can’t believe I was actually following you.
vulticulus: teal kitchen (by roadkill rabbit)
persephoneskitty: fatnekkedbaby: Oh Glenn Beck, how do you…
The Sticker Song (with English subtitles) – HaDag…
Reblog if you have a scar with a story behind it
drhalfbaked: al-qudseya: silly-nanners: SICCCCCCCCCCCCKwell…
Most teens my age get in trouble for drinking and smoking; but I get in trouble …
„I absolutely love this statement: “We sometimes encounter people, even …

Our Israel
The marathon is over.
Pork bullets
Love was …
Tourists on a note

Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress
Around the J-Blogosphere

Oy Va Goy!
Their legacy lives on

GEICO at Gettysburg
Motown Fab Four
Read all of Arnold Ahlert’s column ,  in which he wonders what has happened to …

Ősi forrásból
WHO separates Jews from the Jewish peoples Visit Jewish.TV for more videos. The …
Deir Turmanin
The AP on the CAD
Seth Sanders: Scribal Culture’s Shadow Tradition

Pardes – These and Those
Jerusalem Day

patch andi
Mmmmmm …. cheesecake

What’s wrong with the Israeli rabbinate
Frits Bolkestein on Europe’s cultural masochism
John Bolton: What to do about the September Pal. state declaration
Amnesty International’s war on Israel
My Alexander

Planck’s Constant
Free Gilad Shalit

Por Terras de Sefarad
Tip From the 10th of May that Sintra has a new core of cultural and tourist …

Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers
Stanford student discusses the divisiveness of BDS on campus

Promised Land
In the Bizarre US debate, head of Mossad, IDF chief, would have been …
Rightwing MK to Netanyahu: GOP should nominate YOU for 2012

Quilting Corner בס”ד
Shifra’s Jerusalem Project

Rabbi Shmuley
Healing The Broken American Male
Rabbi Labish Becker – Parshas Naso 5771 audio file
Rabbi Shmuel Gluck – Areivim „Getting the Most from Shavuos”
Rabbi Doniel Staum – Parshas Naso 5771 „The Luckiest Man”
Rabbi Doniel Staum – Parshas Acharei Mos/ Hagadol 5771
Release of Bright Beginnings – A Proven, Skills-based Approach to Teaching …
Rabbi Doniel Staum – Parshas Emor 5771 „Counting Days”
Rabbi Labish Becker – Parshas Emor 5771 audio file
Fellow Weekly Newsletter – Issue 73 „1809 -2009” Business Law and Ethics for the …
Rabbi Shmuel Gluck – Areivim „Tefilla; What’s In It For You?”
Rabbi Labish Becker – Parshas Behar 5771 audio file
Rabbi Doniel Staum – Parshas Behar 5771 „Charity of Time”
Fellow Weekly Newsletter – Issue 74 „Freshwater Pearls” Business Law and Ethics …
Rabbi Shmuel Gluck – Areivim „10 Minutes That Will Last Forever”
Rabbi Doniel Staum – Bechukosai 5771 „Letters of Fire”
Fellow Weekly Newsletter – Issue 75 „THE BAFFLED BABYSITTER PART VI: LONE …

I want my own pet jelly fish.
imagine if this was how mtv was now? can we go back in time to…

New Jersey: Ferris wheel fall girl dies
Another senior official was assassinated in al – Qaeda

Re-Think The Middle East
Right of Return: the ongoing illusion

Reflexiones Sobre Medio Oriente Y El Mundo
852 – Bechor – The Palestinians and their Nakba
853 – Moshe Rozen Explains The Palestinian Naksa

Reut R. Cohen
Dr. Kevorkian, Supporter Of Physician-Assisted Suicides, Dead At 83
Qatar Deports Alleged Libyan Rape Victim

Rivka Shpak Lissak
West Dunbartonshire Boycott – Part Two / Ray Cook
CNN Poll Shows Highest Support for Israel / Prof.B.Rubin

Room 404 – חדר 404
Water marks were discovered on the stage
Kipi Ben hedgehog from the butterfly *** Estate ** nice Oofnik Moishe Katz

Roots of Faith
A Day of Preparation

Rahm Emanuel Tries to Build Up Obama on Israel But Digs Him Into a Deeper Hole

Running Chicken
„He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, …
Do children have an innate pre-disposition to make certain…
Hi Ari – I keep reading that the US continues to support its NATO allies in …
Just in case Running Chicken readers wondered why there was so…

Multiple democracies Israel – Seth J. Frantzman – Jerusalem Post
Dreams produce politically correct monster. Now against circumcision
The Jewish state and the fate of Zionism – Yoram Hazony

Qatari expulsion of alleged Libyan rape victim upsets U.S.
Livni: Netanyahu is too weak to prevent unilateral declaration of Palestinian …
Is Israel a soft touch?
New Antisemitism – Call for action

Zionish !
Shavuot Stories

Shiloh Musings
Double Header: Latma and Andrew Klavan

Shimon Peres
Pres Peres Meets Russian President Medvedev in Rome 2 June 2011
Pres Pere Opens Israeli Pavillion at Biennale Arte Venezia 3 June 2011

Shir Benovich Designs
New card: Happy Birthday – כרטיס חדש: יום הולדת שמח

Music Store. …

shtetl on the shortwave
Signed, Anonymous
See a Secret
Create a Postcard

Simply Jews
Putin vs. E. coli: 0: 1
North Korea: brimming over with happiness
New Antisemitism – Call for action

Soak up a unique analysis of politics, culture, religion and societal ills.
Blog of Dreams

Social Musings
All in a Day’s Work

stephan huller’s observations
I Think I Know Who Ripped Mar Saba 65 Out of the Voss Book
Are the Canonical Gospels Cento Compositions Developed from Secret Mark?

Stuff Jewish Girls Like
OOTD: Bursting the Bubble

Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like
#117 Acoustic Guitar

Pay Attention
Armin Vit on Stupidity

Syd’s Blog
The Marching Season

Tales from a tribble
Brahms: Beauty in the ear of all beholders

A Father’s Moment By Patrick Paulitz From the Autism Asperger’s Digest.
Why help us help autism, we need your support, an explanation of our mission and …

Tel Aviv Graffiti & Street Art
Reuse & Resist!!

Tel Aviv, Israel
shoko-bsakit: Tel Aviv Skyline (:

Tel-Chai Nation
Help reopen the investigation into this disturbing case

Temple Mount Updates
RED ALERT: Rabbi tries to start re-building the Temple on the Mount!

Temple Mount הר הבית
Video: Weekly Torah saying Kaddish on the Temple Mount police certificate

Tentativas y Variaciones
Sesame Crusted Salmon
Baked Red Paella

The 80% Blog

The Big Carnival
‘Racial Incident’ in Texas School Plunges City into Turmoil By David Paulin It’s …

The Boiling Point
The British Royals: Why we care
Boycott, sit-in challenge non-renewal of Rabbi Richler
Celebrate Osama’s demise? Town Hall not so sure
Alumni join celebrations in New York, Washington
Nakba Day protests breach Israel’s borders
Death of Bin Laden leads to boost in school security
Sh’koyach! After-school club serves Torah, brisket
Yom Hazikaron: IDF service provided inspiration, but left ‘a hole in our family’
Yom Haatzmaut: On a different continent, in our ancestors’ footsteps
Picnic forges Muslim-Jewish friendships
Student-organized Sunday picnic forges Muslim-Jewish friendships
Asst. Development Director Federman joins staff
A gap year of many worlds and viewpoints
There’s something special about studying on Shavuot night
Two Boiling Points of View: Over the Line
Keep the flame alive
Refuah Sh’lema, Mr. Reynolds…

The Boston Bibliophile
Blogger Event at Porter Square Books

The creative light
My daughter’s 20th birthday

The Edible Torah
OmerChallenge: Day 46

The God Blog
Activist to Rep. Ryan: ‘Focus on the Gospel of Luke’

The Jewish Chronicle
Great news on Territorial Army review
the regular world
The One State Solution
Are you going to answer the challenge?
Lies Damn Lies and Otway

The Blog
Enough Already?: In Defense of Large Families
My Unforgettable VBAC* by S. Mizrachi

The Masa Israel Blog
A Shabbat away with community members

The Reform Shuckle
I’m back in the world

The Streets Walker ההולך ברחובות
The Natural Environment – Mordehai Avraham@Signon

The Unconventional Bochur
The Environmental Crisis

The View from Israel.
The Arab Feel Bad Factor.

The World Will be Bright
Link to new ADF-centered blog : )

Israël-Palestine : la conférence de Paris mal partie
La cyberguerre a commencé
Y a-t-il un apartheid en Israël ?
Comment muscler son cerveau
Les palestiniens, ces enfants de choeur : „Le peuple reprend peu ŕ peu du …
Le Fatah n’a jamais reconnu le droit d’Israël ŕ exister et ne le fera jamais
La gifle que Jean Daniel se donne…..
l’opération „petits gâteaux” contre Al-Qaďda
Dieudonné roule pour le régime sanguinaire des mollahs iraniens
Former U.N. Ambassador Bolton; U.S. Congress Must Warn – U.S. Funding For U.N. …
Arabs prepare to march on Israel’s borders
Will the future king of England be a Jew?

Three Laws, Ten Dimensions
Flare – Review

Tikkun Magazine
Valerie Elverton-Dixon: We Need a Little Gospel

Tikun London
How To Mean What You Pray – Part 4
Linda Ramus – Wisdom Within (Audio) 05.05.11
How to Make a Good Marriage Great – Aryeh Pamensky
Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt – Meaning what you pray (Audio) 11.05.11
Thailand Trip
Life’s a journey – Part 1 – 16.05.11
Meaning what you pray – Part 2 (Audio) 18.05.11
Weekly Davar – Why Faith Is Folly
Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt in Conversation with Linda Ramus (Audio) 05.05.11

Tracing the Tribe – The Jewish Genealogy Blog
Seattle: Cemetery research tips, June 13

Mertugyebár: @ TLV beach

Uma Ruptura Santa
Want: that’s all!

Unorthodox Gymnastics
Big Jew(cy)

Véronique Chemla
„Lomo” Tali Amitai-Tabib

We Are For Israel
International UN Peace Force

3 Minute Parenting – Robbed of Responsibility – Nasso
Hayehudim Unplugged – HaBluz Acoustic Live

Women’s Lens
Former Mossad Chief Slams Israeli Leadership
How to know and deal with fradulent emails
Herbert Pagani : plaidoyer pour ma terre
Marcel Marceau was a Holocaust Hero
Shalom! The Latest Travel News from Israel
Egypt police station attacked after man dies
Time to recognize Palestine
Haaretz: 200 Israeli companies have indirect investment ties in Iranian energy …
Pourquoi les Juifs français n’immigrent pas en Israël
US Denounces Iranian Woman Rights Activist’s Death
US Denounces Iranian Woman Rights Activist’s Death
La Fortune d’Anne Rosenberg, alias Anne Sinclair
A tous les anciens élčves des Ecoles des Frčres d’Alexandrie
Rafah’s closure sparks Palestinian outrage
It’s Not Just Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF Itself Should Be on Trial
Dagan For P.M. – OpEd
Libye: Le calvaire d’Eman al-Obeidi n’était pas fini
Zaza Fournier nous rend zazous
Liz Taylor et Richard Burton: le film
Mideast Turmoil produces calls for Israel to move toward Peace with the …
Obama refuse de déménager l’ambassade américaine ŕ Jérusalem
Yom Yeru 2011
Liban : l’armée interdit une manifestation ŕ la frontičre avec Israël
Report: Abbas knows UN won’t recognize state
Quand les Allemands en ont marre des Européens
Egypt sentences former finance minister to 30 years jail
Deutschland über alles ?

Writing The Wrongs
Jerusalem is our home

Yad beYad
Shavuot – One of the holiest days of the Jewish year, and also one of the least …

YB Fishel
Ilyas Kashmir killed by drone.
Windows 8. A big difference. Pick up your feet.

Rahm Emanuel Tries To Give Obama Israel Credibility But Digs Him Into a Deeper …

Yiddish Slang Dictionary
Word of the Day – Hocker

Your Moral Leader
Is Foreskin Man Anti-Semitic?
What Women Want
Home. Tired. Posting.
Hizbullah gets the message

Асин Дневник
The film is about „afforestation” Yishuv A-Dat
Film Council of Settlements with Russian subtitles

Не учите меня жить!
Want want want …
Let’s talk frankly

Пластмассовый мир никогда не победит!
In 1998-2006 AOI actively experimented on 716 soldiers, equipping them with the …

Путевые записки Гершеле Острополлера
Israeli oligarchs …
Chief jailer Major pinched the buttocks
Sentence – stoned
Cluzhit in the Israeli army – is dangerous. State murder.

Собрание без порядка
Help your child, put a link!

Photos of Jerusalem 1842-1930 years.

Эмигрантские записки
Order of the Red Star for looters. (About that. As Soviet troops fought in …

тель-авивский дневник
On the shore of an unnamed river

בלוג ישראלי ברוסית
One bullet – one soul
Flugtag in Tel Aviv

האופנה שלי

העולם המופלא של התרבות
Following Star Wars Iv: Last Hope

יעל ישראל עושה רוח
Parental smoking, stop smoking in the presence of children!

ירוק אדום כחול לבן
Green Movement for Israel – phosphate pathway

סלט מחשבות
I wish we also have a black horse

קוראים ושותים עם ספר מותגי הבירה בישראל
Avi Bitter End Twisted Sister

‫יְקוּם תַּרְבּוּת‬
‫ Le’yom short story / „Machine Alphabet” by Alex Epstein ‬
Ruth the Moabite ‫ ‬ movie star