Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

Four papers discuss various issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian direct talks and yesterday’s meetings at Sharm a-Sheikh:
Yediot Aharonot argues that „If the Palestinian state that will be established will not recognize Israel as the national state of the Jewish People, there is no chance that the Palestinians living in Israel will countenance it as such.”
Ma’ariv claims that „To all those who doubted, cautioned and belittled… we finally have a process, a carriage that is moving forward, and we have people who are laying the foundations for direct discussion.”
Yisrael Hayom contends that „All diplomatic summits follow the same format, ups and downs, or downs and ups.  At Sharm a-Sheikh it started from down to up…The Americans wanted smiling faces, and that is what they received.”  The author says that „There is no need to get excited about the unplanned meeting between Netanyahu and Abu Mazen…As long as there are more such meetings, the ties between the two sides will be perpetuated and a constructive atmosphere will be created for the real change, which always has the same recognizable signs: A concession by one of the sides on a core issue…  Netanyahu and Abu Mazen have yet to arrive at the intersection of the first meaningful concession, but it would seem that yesterday they set off in that direction.”
Haaretz argues that The settlement freeze is a test of Netanyahu’s will for peace, and declares: „Netanyahu needs to understand that the expansion of settlements cannot be reconciled with a two-state solution, which he promised to advance, and that his ability to stand up to right-wing pressure is a test of his leadership.”
The Jerusalem Post discusses the results of the referendum held in Turkey this week. The editor feels that it „raises questions about Erdogan’s commitment to democratic values,” and adds: „We will, it appears, be seeing plenty more of Erdogan – including his unique brand of “democracy,” and a foreign policy which apparently features as its centerpiece a steady distancing from Israel.”