HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   HA’ARETZ 1. NETANYAHU IN FINAL EFFORT TO FOIL SWEDISH INITIATIVE ON DIVISION OF JERUSALEM. Tomorrow: European FMs to convene for discussion of proposal calling for change in international status of Jerusalem and recognition of it as capital of Palestine as well.  Israel and PA begin diplomatic battle in attempt to influence vote.   2. ISRAEL REFUSES RUSSIAN REQUEST TO DELIVER 25 ARMORED CARS TO PA.   MA’ARIV 1. IN WAKE OF FREEZE: SECURITY DISCUSSION ON NETANYAHU’S PERSONAL SECURITY. Top security establishment officials discussed concern over attacks on PM and DM in light of wave of sharp opposition to construction halt.   YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. LOSING THE NORTH. Economic crisis is over?  Record unemployment in the north as many factories close.   YISRAEL HAYOM 1. BEGIN AND BARAK WILL TRY TO MAINTAIN „CONSIDERATE” FREEZE. Following protests: Special team established to implement freeze.  Yesha leaders: We will not obey orders.  We will break the „White Paper.”  Today: Netanyahu to explain his policy to Likud MKs.   2. „HAMAS GAVE IN ON DEMAND TO RELEASE ISRAELI ARABS.” According to Arab media reports.  PM’s Bureau outraged at MK Ben-Simon who spoke about release.   WALLA! 1. First visit in captivity. „FRENCH DOCTORS EXAMINE GILAD SHALIT.” Palestinian sources report to Al-Hayat that four French doctors entered Gaza Strip last week and examined captive soldier.  This is first report of foreign elements visiting Shalit.  According to report, visit was approved after Israeli commitment not to attack.   2. RESPONSE TO FREEZE?  PALESTINIAN CARS SET ABLAZE. Palestinian resident of Nablus area village complained that settlers set fire to two cars and building in the village.  Security establishment estimates that this was against of struggle against construction freeze.  Settlers planning to sue GOC Central Command.   NANA10 1. REPORT: FRENCH TEAM MEDICALLY EXAMINED SHALIT IN GAZA STRIP. Al Hayat reports that foreign medical team visited captive soldier for first time.  Newspaper cites sources that claim that Hamas approved visit after it received guarantees from German mediator that rescue attempt would not be carried out.   2. CHIEF-OF-STAFF LEAVES ON FIRST WORKING VISIT TO INDIA.   [Headlines for Walla! and Nana10 are from their websites as of 10:00.] ______________________________   SUMMARY OF OP-EDS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   Yediot Ahronot contends that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, „has gotten cold feet,” and, ultimately will be a no-show at this week’s Copenhagen Conference on climate control.   Ma’ariv argues that, „The Shalit deal is different than any previous deal to exchange prisoners and abductees due to one particular characteristic – its ramifications on the negotiations and the fate of the Palestinian leadership.”   Yisrael Hayom, on the first anniversary of Barak Obama’s presidency, opines that, „Regarding the conduct of foreign and security policy, a forlorn and worrisome picture has been painted.”  The author contends that Obama’s management of the Afghanistan war, the Iranian threat, the Arab-Israel conflict and other areas of crisis, „smacks of amateurishness.”