Official Visit
of Germany Army Chief of Staff

Today, March 17th, 2008 the Chief of Staff of the German Army, General Wolfgang Schneiderhan, arrived at Israel as the formal guest of the IDF Chief of General Staff, Major General Gabi Ashkenazi and discussed work related issues. General Schneiderhan will be visiting for three days, as part of the delegation of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German Defense Minister. This is the fourth visit by the Chief of Staff of the German Army since his visit in 2007.

During his visit, General Schneiderhan will visit Maj. Gen. Ashkenazi and will receive security and strategic briefings from various military officials. In addition, Gen. Schneiderhan will be taken on a helicopter tour of Israel, and along the way he will visit an air-force base and the „Yad Vashem” Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

The IDF and the German Army hold productive security relations. The visit of Gen. Schneiderhan is one of many official visits hosted recently by the IDF, amongst them visits by Chief of Staffs from the American, Netherlands and Hungarian militaries.