Hatzofeh hails the agreement of the NRP and the National Union to run a joint list in the upcoming Knesset elections. Yediot Ahronot believes that, „Politically, Olmert and Peretz are ranged against Netanyahu and socially, Olmert and Netanyahu are ranged against Peretz. Since despite Peretz’s best efforts, the election will not be decided on social issues, it is already possible to envision the composition of the big coalition that will govern us.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, doubts whether a Knesset committee of inquiry into the events at Amona will accomplish anything, „since the MKs only want to appear to their voters as the defenders of their political views.” The editors suggest that any committee of inquiry also examine the whole issue of the illegal settlement outposts.

HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. Report: Kassam near Ashkelon power station. FATAH CELLS RETURN TO TERRORISM: INITIATING ATTACKS. 2. Dialogue poll, exclusive for Ha’aretz and Channel 10. AMONA EVACUATION AND TRANSFER OF FUNDS TO PA HURT OLMERT. Kadima – 40, Labor – 21, Likud – 15. 3. KNESSET APPROVES AMONA COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY. 4. LIVNI AND RICE: HAMAS MUST RECOGNIZE ISRAEL. At their Washington meeting, they said that they would continue to support Abu Mazen government. 5. TWELVE YEARS’ IMPRISONMENT TO GAY PRODE PARADE STABBER. Yishai Shlisel convicted on three counts of attempted murder. HATZOFEH 1. National Union and NRP to run together. THERE IS UNITY. Education, Jewish identity and social issues to top joint list’s agenda, alongside concern for Greater Land of Israel. Committee chaired by retired Judge Zvi Tal to rule on disagreements between sides. Likud and Labor: Olmert lied in television interview. 2. KASSAM ROCKET HITS SENSITIVE INSTALLATION ON OUTSKIRTS OF ASHKELON. 3. RICE AGAINST OLMERT: MUST NOT UNILATERALLY DETERMINE PERMANENT BORDERS. Made remarks following meeting with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. 4. IDF RESCUES FOREIGN OBSERVERS IN HEBRON FROM THREAT OF OUTRAGED PALESTINIAN MOB. 5. KADIMA REJECTS LIKUD PROPOSAL FOR TELEVISED DEBATE BETWEEN THREE PARTY LEADERS. 6. DEFEAT FOR OLMERT: KNESSET DECIDES TO ESTABLISH COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY INTO AMONA EVENTS. 7. TWELVE YEARS’ IMPRISONMENT TO JERUSALEM GAY PRIDE STABBER. MA’ARIV 1. Livni and Rice agree: No funds to be transferred to Hamas government. AND NOW: EGYPT DISENGAGING FROM GAZA. Cairo decides to withdraw all Egyptian observers and experts from Gaza Strip. Reason: Hamas elections victory. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. „DESTROY GAZA POWER STATION IN RESPONSE TO KASSAM FIRE.” Proposed in IDF after firing at Ashkelon power station. Yesterday: Kassam landed near sensitive installation. 2. Last night – Yediot Ahronot and Mina Tzemach/Dahaf poll: KADIMA – 43, LABOR – 20, LIKUD – 15, SHAS – 11. Kadima increasing lead, 43 days before elections.