HA’ARETZ 1. IDF ESTIMATES: HAMAS WILL NOT RESUME TERRORIST ATTACKS AFTER PA ELECTIONS. 2. OLMERT WILL NOT CALL FOR SECOND DISENGAGEMENT ON WEST BANK AT HERZLIYA CONFERENCE. 3. 12 YEARS’ IMPRISONMENT TO „PENTAGON MOLE” LARRY FRANKLIN. 4. Arara resident is 17th Israeli Arab to be killed by security forces fire since October 2000. POLICE INVESTIGATIONS DEPT. TO INVESTIGATE WHAT CONSTITUTES „IMMEDIATE THREAT.” 5. Thus US Jews are persuaded to buy apartments in southeastern Jerusalem. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR „DREAM HOUSE” IN HEART OF ARAB VILLAGE. HATZOFEH 1. Yesterday: Police Commissioner made it clear that Hebron wholesale market will be evacuated come what may. KARADI DOES NOT RULE OUT USING LIVE FIRE. In Channel 2 interview, Police Commissioner was asked if police are planning to use live fire during evacuation and said, „I cannot rule out this working assumption, from now on there will be no double messages.” Stormy reactions on right: „Karadi trying to give approval to use of live weapons, he must be stopped.” 2. MOFAZ: „IF THERE IS NO PARTNER, WE WILL TAKE MATTERS IN OUR OWN HANDS.” In sharp Herzliya Conference speech, DM appealed to Iranian President: „Look at history and see what befell enemies like you.” Barb at Assad: „An eye doctor without foresight.” Estimated: „2006 will be year of struggle.” 3. ASSAD ACCUSES: ISRAEL MURDERED ARAFAT. 4. PROF. AUMANN: EVACUEES IN INTOLERABLE SITUATION. 5. 12 YEARS’ IMPRISONMENT TO PENTAGON MAN FRANKLIN. 6. HADASSAH: SHARON WILL NOT BE DISCNNECTED FROM RESPIRATOR SOON. MA’ARIV 1. National Insurance Institute poverty report to be published this week. 400,000 FAMILIES UNDER POVERTY LINE. According to professional assessments, annual poverty report, which is expected to be published this week, will indicate additional widening of social gaps. 2. MOFAZ: NOT RULING OUT UNILATERAL STEPS. DM at Herzliya Conference: If there is no partner, we will act appropriately. 3. LABOR PLATFORM: PREPARED FOR ADDITIONAL DISENGAGEMENT. Today: Labor conference to meet in order to approve party platform. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Security and political establishments anxious ahead of elections in territories. ISRAEL PREPARING FOR HAMAS VICTORY. This morning: Cabinet to discuss repercussions of Hamas taking over PA. Senior political sources: If Hamas wins – Israel will be free of all commitments to Palestinians. 2. Likud sources: UZI LANDAU CONSIDERING QUITTING. His confidants: He feels marginalized. Several rebels left off Likud list intend to set up new party. 3. „WE HAVE RETURNED TO DAYS OF POLLARD.” Harsh atmosphere in US Jewish lobby following sentencing of Pentagon „mole.” ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh discusses the efficacy of the security fence and declares that, „Simply put, the fence has not foiled a single terrorist attack up till now; all of the foiled attacks were only due to fighting deep in Palestinian territory.” Yediot Ahronot comments on last Thursday’s incident in Wadi Ara, which it labels as the latest in, „the police’s accumulated failures in the north,” and recommends that a non-police official be appointed to command the Israel Police Northern District in order to rehabilitate it and reform it Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, calls on Acting Prime Minister Olmert not to promise to turn over the Hebron wholesale market to the Hebron Jewish community in return for a quiet evacuation. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, discusses the discontent by those senior Labor and Likud members who feel that they do not have an appropriately high place on their parties’ respective Knesset lists, and says that this does not bode well for democracy.