HA’ARETZ 1. SHARON RECEIVED BLOOD THINNERS EVEN THOUGH DISEASE IN HIS BRAIN HAD BEEN DIAGNOSED DURING FIRST HOSPITALIZATION. Why didn’t Sharon’s doctors report on existence of disease in brain blood vessels? Was decision to give Sharon blood thinner, despite disease, correct? Why was particularly strong medication chosen? Did doctors inform PM of risks involved in this medication? 2. OLMERT: PA ELECTIONS TO BE HELD IN EASTERN JERUSALEM TOO. 3. Dialogue poll for Ha’aretz and Channel 10 News. POLL: OLMERT-LED KADIMA CLIMBS TO 44 SEATS, LABOR DROPS TO MERE 16. 4. ISA DIRECTOR: DEALING WITH THOSE WHO ARE CUTTING DOWN OLIVE TREES HAS FAILED. HATZOFEH 1. Outrage in Likud over decision to allow Palestinians to vote in eastern Jerusalem. „KADIMA GAVE IN TO PALESTINIANS BEHIND SILVAN’S BACK.” In morning, Silvan Shalom declared that there would be no Palestinian voting in eastern Jerusalem. But a short while later, DM Mofaz said that Israel would allow voting. Move became official in conversation between Olmert and US Secy. Of State in which it was agreed that Israel would allow voting in eastern Jerusalem on Sunday. Police issue directives regarding PA elections propaganda. 2. For first time since hospitalization: Omri Sharon spoke to media and thanked for supporting his family. ASSESSMENT: SHARON’S SEDATIVES TO BE COMPLETELY STOPPED TODAY. 3. PERES TO HAVE SECOND SPOT ON KADIMA LIST. 4. PUBLIC DEFENDER’S OFFICE DEMANDS: DELAY PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOUTH WHO OPPOSED UPROOTING. 5. TAPE PROVES: PALESTINIANS CUTTING DOWN TREES IN ORDER TO RECEIVE COMPENSATION. MA’ARIV 1. Poll: Olmert-led Kadima jumps to 45 seats. SHARON CONFIDANTS: BIBI EXPLOITING SITUATION. Interviews in which Netanyahu portrays himself as „continuing in Arik’s path” enraging PM’s people. „He is sedated and cannot respond,” they are saying, „but Bibi is the last person Sharon would want to see elected.” Netanyahu’s confidants: He is acting like a statesman. 2. NEXT STAGE: HOPING THAT SHARON WILL OPEN HIS EYES. Today: Sedatives to be stopped completely. 3. OLMERT PROMISES PERES: YOU’RE IN SECOND SPOT. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. PM’s surgeon, Prof. Felix Aumansky, in Yediot Ahronot interview: „I PINCHED SHARON AND HE TRIED TO USE HIS HAND TO PUSH ME AWAY.” „Sharon is in lengthy improvement process. He also moved his left hand a little. It is possible that he won’t be paralyzed but will have weakness on left side. I asked Gilad to speak to him – and Sharon’s blood pressure rose. However, he still hasn’t opened his eyes. No significant sign that he understands what is going on around him or that he is aware of people being present. We are very far from being able to estimate damage or his ability to function. It could take months.” 2. PM’S LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS: 6. Patient who doesn’t reach at least 8 on Glasgow scale is considered unconscious. 3. „SHARON PROMISED PERES SECOND PLACE AND OLMERT WILL HONOR IT.” PM’s advisers claiming: Sharon and Peres had secret agreement. Day before Likud elections: Netanyahu asks Central Committee members to vote for Livnat and David Levy – and party is outraged over interference. ____________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh strongly criticizes the failure to consider a more aggressive military response in order to halt Kassam rocket fire at Sderot and its environs. Yediot Ahronot wishes a complete recovery for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, refers to the phenomenon of the cutting down of Palestinian-owned olive trees in Judea and Samaria, allegedly by Jewish settlers, and says that the settlers should not wonder why the world and the Israeli public at large have scant sympathy for them. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, notes that Israel remains as dependent as ever on US aid.