HA’ARETZ 1. Summary of local elections in the territories: Only 700,000 [residents] under Fatah control. 1.5 MILLION RESIDENTS IN HAMAS-CONTROLLED LOCALITIES. The achievement: After four rounds of local elections, Hamas wins six of seven West Bank cities. Nablus: Sweeping victory in largest West Bank city – 13 out of 15 council seats. Fatah: Weekend contacts held on unifying Abu Mazen’s and Barghouti’s lists. US: Congress – We will halt aid if Hamas enters government. Firing from Gaza: Several Kassams landed in open areas inside Israel over weekend; no casualties. 2. Ahead of contest: LIKUD PRIMARIES TOMORROW; NETANYAHU: SHALOM WILL LEAD TO DIVISION OF JERUSALEM. HATZOFEH 1. Yossi Shok from Beit Hagai murdered in Hebron hills shooting attack. IDF REMOVED ROADBLOCKS – AND TERRORISTS COMMITTED MURDER. On Friday morning, IDF bulldozer removed dirt embankment south of Kiryat Arba – several hours later Yossi Shok from Beit Hagai was shot at site in drive-by shooting. Terrorists apparently fled to nearby village of Kilkas, roadblock to which had been removed. Yesterday: IDF added 50 dirt embankment roadblocks in southern Hebron hills. Assessment: Sixth killing in past year by Hamas cell operating in Hebron hills. 2. MINISTER LIVNI REFUSES TO PROMISE THAT SHE WOULD OPPOSE DIVISION OF JERUSALEM. Remarks made after Sharon denied statement of pollster who said that, „Sharon will divide Jerusalem.” 3. SENIOR FATAH OFFICIAL IN GAZA STRIP RESPONSIBLE FOR LAUNCHING ROCKETS KILLED BY EXPLOSION IN HIS CAR. 4. US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES RULES OUT HAMAS’S PARTICIPATION IN ELECTIONS. MA’ARIV 1. 100 days until elections. Likud primaries tomorrow. NETANYAHU’S CONFIDANTS THREATEN: IF HE LOSES, HE WILL SET UP A RIGHT-WING PARTY. Bibi’s confidants recommending: New party with Lieberman and Landau. Netanyahu to his people: Don’t deal with this, we are staying in the Likud. Shalom: Bibi en route to private business affairs. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Likud primaries tomorrow. Shalom: I will win. Netanyahu to his people: „SILVAN WILL TURN LIKUD INTO SECOND KADIMA.” Netanyahu hints: Silvan won’t oppose division of Jerusalem. Shalom: He’s panicking. 2. MK BISHARA: „ISRAEL IS GREATEST ROBBERY OF THE CENTURY.” „I will never recognize Zionism even if all the Arabs do so,” he said in Beirut. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh says that last Friday’s terrorist murder of a resident of Beit Hagai, „teaches for the umpteenth time that easing restrictions on the Palestinians in the current situation – when the terrorist organizations continue to view the murder of settlers as legitimate – endangers residents’ lives.” Yediot Ahronot says that it is not important who wins tomorrow’s Likud primaries but asserts that, „It is important that the defeat of the Likud Central Committee is assured.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, fears that the election is being sidetracked by security issues instead of focusing on socio-economic ones. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, criticizes the anti-Arab racism of certain Betar Jerusalem (soccer team) fans.