HA’ARETZ 1. Approximately half of residents expected to be evacuated by tomorrow; main risk – 400 extremists who infiltrated into Gush Katif. GOAL: EVACUATE GAZA STRIP WITHIN 10 DAYS. 2. ECONOMIC SURPRISE: DOLLAR AND FUEL RAISED CPI BY 1.1%. HATZOFEH 1. Military timetable: Start of expulsion – Wednesday. GUSH KATIF WEEPS. Yesterday: Teams distributed expulsion orders to several communities. In Neveh Dekalim, there was opposition to teams and army backed off. Yesterday: Nisanit synagogue dismantled. Government approves second stage of uprooting of Gush Katif. Tomorrow: Forced evacuation to begin. 2. „Trust me” said PM who hasn’t succeeded in saying one word of truth. SHARON SUDDENLY DISCOVERS: „WE ARE ONE PEOPLE.” (.). 3. SPECIAL UNIT POLICE BEAT ORANGE-CLAD YOUTHS. 4. SURPRISE – JULY CPI: 1.1%. MA’ARIV 1. ANOTHER 24 HOURS, LAST CHANCE TO LEAVE GUSH KATIF. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. As of tonight: Forced evacuation. Infiltrators: We are prepared to fight. LAST EMBRACE. „You’ve come to throw us out of our homes,” Gush Katif settlers cried as IDF officers gave them evacuation orders and silently absorbed insults. Tonight at midnight: Police and soldiers to begin forced evacuation of refusers. Sharon: A glorious chapter in our history ends today. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers comment on various issues related to the Disengagement Plan: Hatzofeh suggests that, „Sharon is teaching the world that it is possible to expel Jews and beat them,” and adds that, „There is no doubt that that this war hero has – in one go – erased his past and will go down in shame in the chronicles of Israel.” Yediot Ahronot says that, „The Prime Minister’s speech to the nation last night clarified one thing above all else: How insane the settlements were, of which Sharon was the chief supporter for two decades.” The editors believe that, „It is impossible not to feel that Sharon interprets the word ‘leadership’ according to the single criterion of ‘I want and I do’. He has no recognition of how to really lead such a controversial move and how to minimize (since canceling it is out of the question) its harsh repercussions on the day after.” BPI-info