Police to deploy ‘sixth ring’ of pullout forces Sun.

The police will begin deploying the „sixth ring” of disengagement forces Sunday and will place dozens of checkpoints in the south in an effort to prevent pullout foes from reaching the Gush Katif settlement bloc and thwarting the evacuation of settlers. Only residents of the Strip and security forces will be allowed through the checkpoints. The first ring (combining both army and police) will deal with removing the settlers from their homes. The second ring, of Israel Defense Forces soldiers only, is charged with blocking the surrounding roads to prevent anti-withdrawal activists from reaching the settlement being evacuated. The third and fourth rings, all army, will defend both civilian and security forces from Palestinian attack. The fifth ring, mostly IDF soldiers, will patrol the Green Line to prevent activists from infiltrating the Strip from Israel. The sixth ring, consisting of police officers, will control traffic on Israeli roads in the western Negev near the Gaza border, to prevent pullout foes from reachign the Strip. Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi said on Channel Two’s „Meet the Press” on Saturday evening that according to army estimates, some 3,000 individuals infiltrated Gush Katif. Karadi predicted that most of the settlers would not resist evacuation. At midnight on Sunday, the Kissufim crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip will be closed to all Israeli civilian traffic, and on August 15, early Monday morning, the disengagement will begin. About 42,000 soldiers and police officers, divided into at least five divisional command centers, will be deployed. The total number of people involved in the operation could reach 53,000 if additional units are enlisted. The official schedule calls for a four-week operation, but unofficially the planners hope three weeks will suffice. On Monday morning, combined teams of soldiers and police officers will fan out into all the settlements in the Gaza Strip and to every home. They will make a record of houses that are already empty, and any remaining residents will be informed that they have 48 hours – until the morning of August 17 – to leave. Anyone who refuses after the deadline will be forcibly removed and also risks losing about 30 percent of their compensation. From Monday morning to Wednesday morning, the security forces are expecting a massive exodus of Israelis from Gaza – between one-third and two-thirds of the total. The rest will have to be removed by force. PM to address the nation on Monday Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will deliver a televised address to the nation on Monday evening, in which he will declare the implementation of the disengagement plan and will call on Gaza Strip settlers to evacuate without disturbances. He will also discuss the importance of maintaining national unity. Over the weekend, Sharon reviewed drafts of the speech, which will be several minutes long, ahead of deciding on a final version.