HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. PA FORCES TO FORM BUFFER BETWEEN KHAN YUNIS AND GUSH KATIF DURING EVACUATION. Mofaz and Nasser Yusuf agree: PA to act to prevent looting of settlements. 2. CABINET TO DECIDE ON STATUS OF AREAS TO BE EVACUATED IN SAMARIA. 3. Blair: Solution of „difficult problems” in Middle East will aid war on terrorism. NUMBER OF LONDON DEAD RISES TO 49; DIFFICULTIES IN RESCUING BODIES FROM SUBWAY. (.). Israeli woman missing: Fear for life of Anat Rosenberg, former Israeli from London who traveled on bus that blew up. 4. G-8 LEADERS DECIDE TO RAISE UP TO $9 BILLION FOR PALESTINIANS. (.). 5. EGYPTIAN FOREIGN MINISTER TO HA’ARETZ: OPPONENTS TO „PHILADELPHI AGREEMENT” WANT TO ENCOURAGE UNREST. Ahmed Abu Gheit says that Israel need not fear deployment of Egyptian soldiers along Philadelphi corridor. 6. PALESTINIAN YOUTH KILLED BY SHOTS FIRED BY SEPARATION FENCE SECURITY GUARD. Police: Evidence found at scene indicates stone-throwing at security guards. HATZOFEH 1. (.). „STOP RAIL TRAFFIC IN SOUTH.” (.). 2. HEAVY CONCERN FOR LIFE OF ISRAELI WOMAN IN LONDON. 3. EVACUATION OF GAZA STRIP BY FORCE TO START ON AUGUST 17. For two days, residents who wish to evacuate will be able to do so voluntarily. 4. NADIA MATAR TO BE TRIED FOR WRITING THAT BASI WAS JUDENRAT. MA’ARIV 1. Pres. Katsav, in special interview: „DON’T DEMOLISH SETTLERS’ HOMES.” 2. Settlers offer Sharon: „IF EVACUATION IS POSTPONED, WE WILL LEAVE VOLUNTARILY.” 3. DESPERATE SEARCH. (.). Among the missing: Anat Rosenberg, who went to London from Jerusalem in order to get away from terrorist attacks. (.). YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. (.). TRAIN OF FEAR. (.). 2. Missing in London: Anat Rosenberg from Jerusalem. „ANAT DIDN’T RETURN TO ISRAEL BECAUSE OF TERRORIST ATTACKS.” (.). BPI-info

Both papers comment on various issues related to last Thursday’s terrorist attacks in London: Hatzofeh calls for European countries to be far more aggressive in their war on Islamic terrorism. Yediot Ahronot criticizes attempts by senior British politicians – including Prime Minister Tony Blair – and columnists to cast direct responsibility away from the terrorists who perpetrated last Thursday’s bombings and asserts that, „The attempt to bury reality as it is beneath piles of empty words is ineffective.” The editors declare that, „The following truths are clear to any rational person who looks at the 21st century’s waves of terrorism: First, this is Islamic terrorism, not anarchist, Zionist or conservative-rightist terrorism. This is the terrorism of Muslim extremists, who believe that a global jihad must be begun now against heretics, Jews, Christian Crusaders and moderate Muslims. Second, this is terrorism by rich and educated Muslims, not the ignorant poor.There is no connection, however flimsy, between the war on poverty and the war on terrorism. Third, the jihadists began a terrorist war against the West because it is the West not in order to thereby promote a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or compel the US to withdraw its soldiers from Iraq. Their one and only motive has been, and still is, to undermine the foundations of the hated Western culture and expose its weaknesses.Fourth, there is only one way to fight terrorism – to fight it, strike at it and eliminate it without mercy. The war against terrorism must be total because terrorism is total.” The paper warns that casting direct responsibility away from the terrorists who perpetrated last Thursday’s bombings, „prepares the ground for the next attacks.” BPI-info