HA’ARETZ 1. London conference closes with call to implement Roadmap. RICE: “HARD QUESTIONS FOR SYRIA ON TERRORIST ATTACK IN TEL AVIV.” Conference summary: Israel disappointed that most leaders at conference did not insist on need to dismantle terrorist infrastructures. Abu Mazen promises 100% Palestinian effort in security sphere: “We have proven that we deserve an independent state.” Blair says that scenario of two states for two peoples is “clearer than ever,” but conference is no substitute for negotiations. 2. BASI: HALF OF GUSH KATIF RESIDENTS WILL EVACUATE VOLUNTARILY; SETTLERS ISSUE DENIAL. 3. DECLARATION OF MILITARY RULE UNTIL MAY ELECTIONS BEING CONSIDERED IN LEBANON. 4. FINANCE MINISTRY SELLS 6.5% OF BANK LEUMI FOR NIS 1.1 BILLION. HATZOFEH . At stormy meeting between Yesha Council and Minister Ezra, Bentzi Lieberman said: “OUR BLOOD IS CHEAP.” Council Chairman’s remarks came against of shutting people up and creation of Justice Ministry “thought police”. Yesterday: Minister Livni and Attorney General Mazuz discussed possibility of changing incitement and violence law. Mazuz said that, “Main difficulty stems from need to prove that incitement also has outcome.” . NEXT DEPUTY CHIEF-OF-STAFF: MAJ.-GEN. MOSHE KAPLINSKI. MA’ARIV 1. Sharon has 29 days left to pass budget. “READY FOR COMPROMISE ON SUPPORT PAYMENTS.” PM’s confidants proposed to Shas: We will set income test – rich won’t receive payments, poor will receive more. Eli Yishai responds: Proposal not serious, would be two-year process. . Expose: OFFER THAT ZAKAI REJECTED. Settlers asked officer: Head “opposition army” that we have established. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. POLICE WARN: WE ARE COLLAPSING. Station commanders in tough conversation with Police Commissioner: “We are torn. We don’t have police officers to put in vans. We can’t fight crime that way.” “Situation will get worse during disengagement.” Commissioner admits: Situation is difficult. . BLAIR: IN LONDON, WE FOUNDED PALESTINIAN STATE. Abu Mazen refused to commit to collecting weapons from terrorist organizations. . ASSAD CAPITULATES: I WILL LEAVE LEBANON WITHIN FEW MONTHS. Day after upheaval in Beirut, Syrian President declared in Time interview: Full withdrawal very soon. . “STATE TO FINANCE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS FOR EVERY YOUNG WOMAN.” Thus according to Health Ministry proposal. Goal: Reduce abortions. ______________________________ UMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot suggests that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, “is realizing David Ben-Gurion’s phrase, ‘I don’t know what the people want, I know what they need’,” and says that it is the overwhelming public support for disengagement which will enable him to ignore the Likud Central Committee’s call for a referendum. However, the editors believe that Prime Minister Sharon should – given his dwindling support in the Likud Central Committee – explore other options if he wants to be a candidate for the premiership in the next elections. Hatzofeh speculates that the extreme right is riddled with police and ISA informants and ventures that most of the more virulent incitement reported in the media is the work of the either such informants or a few unbalanced individuals. The editors cite the example of Avishai Raviv and suggest that the police and ISA cooperate with the Yesha Council leadership in tracking down those who are responsible for the aforementioned incitement. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, hopes that yesterday’s report of a halakhic (Jewish law) ruling to the effect that it is permissible to shoot non-Jewish IDF soldiers during any evacuation of settlements proves to be unfounded but says that if it is not, the security services must track down and arrest whoever is responsible for it. BPI-info