HA’ARETZ 1. CIA TO CENTRALIZE SECURITY COORDINATION IN ORDER TO STABILIZE CEASE FIRE. Mofaz and Dahlan discuss transfer of control in Gaza; Chief-of-Staff Ya’alon instructs to freeze offensive activities in Gaza Strip. 2. EPHRAIM KISHON, CREATOR OF SALAH SHABATI AND OFFICER AZULAI, PASSES AWAY, 3. CORRECTED ROUTE FOR FENCE IN GUSH ETZION TO BE APPROVED ON EVE OF MEETING BETWEEN SHARON AND ABU MAZEN. 4. POLICE: DEMOLISH JERUSALEM NEIGHBORHOOD FOR FENCE. Decision to destroy Al-Montar due to plan to create security zone on all sides of Jerusalem envelope. HATZOFEH 1. Last night – Kassam rocket fired at Sderot. Night meeting between Mofaz and Dahlan. JUDEA AND SAMARIA CITIES RETURNING TO PALESTINIAN RESPONSIBILITY. Chief-of-Staff instructs that offensive be stopped against terrorists in Gaza Strip. In Judea and Samaria, operations to foil [terrorism] only in event of “immediate operational demands against active terror cell.” Every operation will be with approval of Chief-of-Staff. 2. NASRALLAH THREATENING: WE WILL KIDNAP ISRAELI SOLDIERS. 3. GALILEE KIBBUTZ MEMBERS WHO COMPLETED RESERVE DUTY IN GUSH KATIF: “WE SALUTE SETTLERS.” MA’ARIV 1. Israel Prize laureate passed away at his home in Switzerland last night. EPHRAIM KISHON. (…). YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. IDF: Halting offensive operations in territories. Hamas: Joining Abu Mazen’s Hudna. CEASEFIRE. Despite localized incidents, security calm in territories entering second week. Neither side sees end to intifada but are talking about new era. Last night: Dahlan and Mofaz agreed on transfer of cities to Palestinian responsibility. Next week: Sharon-Abu Mazen meeting. 2. EPHRAIM KISHON, 1924-2005. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot analyzes the latest developments in Israeli-Palestinian relations and cites German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer as having once said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would end, “only after the sides had bled enough.” The editors suggest that, “Currently, we don’t have leisure for the chilling insights of those who analyzes the situation from Berlin,” because, “At the moment, most Israelis and Palestinians just want one thing – for it to end.” Hatzofeh strongly criticizes Attorney General Meni Mazuz’s recent ruling that the JNF may no longer allocate land only to Jews and says that the ruling is tantamount to, “an ugly theft,” since, “For generations, Jews all over the world have been contributing their last pennies to the JNF in order to help in the purchase of lands for founding Jewish communities.” BPI-info