HA’ARETZ 1. SHARON’S EMISSARIES TO ASK US TO PUT PRESSURE ON SYRIA AND HEZBOLLAH IN ORDER TO HELP ABU MAZEN. Hamas and Islamic Jihad agree to stop terrorist activities in Gaza strip, but condition ceasefire on cessation of eliminations; IDF: Last weekend was quietest since Hudna. 2. KNESSET ARGUING: HOW TO PREVENT PUBLICATION OF SECRET SECTIONS OF AGRANAT REPORT THIS WEEK. 3. ELLA ABUKASIS, WOUNDED BY KASSAM ROCKET, DIES. One week after she was critically injured by a Kassam rocket, Ella, 17, dies. Thousands attend her funeral in Sderot. 4. GOOD NEWS FOR RESERVISTS: FROM 2008, THEY WILL BE CALLED UP ONLY FOR EXERCISES OR EMERGENCIES. DM approves new reserves model. Reservist’s service quota to be 14 days per annum. HATZOFEH 1. After quiet Shabbat – shooting attacks resume Gush-Katif. TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS: CEASEFIRE – IN RETURN FOR WITHDRAWAL AND PRISONER RELEASE. At least two mortar shells fired last night at Gush-Katif. Continuous fire at Kfar Darom – houses hit. Israel opens Rafiah checkpoint to Palestinian traffic. Despite this – Israel satisfied with reduction in number of incidents in Gaza. 2. AMERICAN ENVOY BURNS RETURNING TO REGION TO REVIVE ROAD MAP. 3. AYALA-HAYA ABUKASIS, 17, LAID TO REST IN SDEROT. 4. LIGHT EARTHQUAKE FELT IN ISRAEL OVER SHABBAT. MA’ARIV 1. Military sources: Ceasefire working in Gaza. TEST OF QUIET. Calm weekend in Gaza: No Kassams, no mortar shells – only three separate shooting attacks. Security establishment talking about “encouraging signs” but cautions: We will see what happens tomorrow, after Haj ends. 2. WE WILL LAY DOWN OUR WEAPONS AND FIGHT AGAINST EVACUATION. Three soldiers serving in Gaza warn of their intentions to refuse orders and not evacuate settlements. “We will not just refuse to evacuate, we will defect to the other side and help the settlers.” YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Sderot: First weekend without Kassams. HAMAS AGREES TO CEASEFIRE. Senior military source: Hamas responded to Abu Mazen’s demands, and will cease terrorist activities for one month. Thousands of Palestinian police attempting to prevent Kassam fire. Sderot buries Ella Abukasis. 2. RESERVE DUTY UNTIL 40. Among recommendations approved by DM: Reservists to serve 14 days per annum only, officers – 73 days in three years. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot comments on tomorrow’s special session of the UN General Assembly to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camps. The editors believe that the session and concomitant ceremonies, “will have educational, moral and global importance,” but adds that, “For us, everywhere and for all time, the lesson is clear – Only the sovereign state of the Jewish people can ensure that ‘Auschwitz’ does not happen again…The State of Israel, and no other factor, is the answer to Auschwitz. We will not forget this.” Hatzofeh complains that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lied when he said that the IDF had a free hand to deal with Palestinian terrorists in Gaza and says, “Sharon lied? What’s new? And now, Ariel Sharon is telling murderers to prevent murder.” BPI-info