HA’ARETZ 1. ISA MAN KILLED IN GUSH KATIF SUICIDE BOMBING; ABU MAZEN ACTING IN GAZA TO CONSOLIDATE FRONT AGAINST HAMAS. Terrorist blew himself up after passing initial check at roadblock; security establishment to investigate why explosives were not found. 2. INQUIRY COMMITTEE: BANKS AND STATE HOLDING APPROXIMATELY NIS 1 BILLION THAT BELONGS TO HOLOCAUST VICTIMS. 3. FISCHER’S APPOINTMENT APPROVED. Bach committee approves Stanley Fischer’s appointment as Governor of Bank of Israel. HATZOFEH 1. Tension in Sderot area at peak: One dead and six wounded. Short time after bleeding city’s residents returned from demonstration opposite Beit Hanoun – suicide bomber blew himself up close to Gush Katif junction. DISENGAGEMENT WAR: AFTER KASSAM – BOMBS RETURNS. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited Sderot area yesterday – and made endless aggressive declarations – but in reality, so far nothing has been done. Short time after Sharon’s visit – Palestinians gave their answer to Sharon’s evasive policy: Suicide bomber made his way to Gush Katif junction. Soldiers suspected him and stopped to check him. Terrorist activated explosives that were attached to his body. One ISA man murdered and another six soldiers wounded in explosion. 2. CONDITION OF YOUNG GIRL WOUNDED BY KASSAM FIRE DETERIORATES. Ella Chaya Abukasis, critically injured on Saturday after being hit by Kassam rocket, is brain dead. (…). 3. BODY OF MISSING AYA SHAPIRO IDENTIFIED IN THAILAND. MA’ARIV 1. Attack in Gaza Strip: Terrorist blows himself up in investigation room. DEATH TRAP FOR ISA MAN. Wanted Hamas fugitive brought for investigation and detonates explosives hidden in his underwear. Oded Sharon, ISA coordinator, and father of three, murdered. 2. “A SETTLER TURNED ME INTO AN INVALID.” This is what happened to border Policeman Assaf Ravid, who took part in evacuating Yitzhar outpost last May. Violent clash with one of the settlers left him paralyzed in half his body. After eight months of rehabilitation, he has decided not to remain silent. “Control yourselves,” he asks settlers, “otherwise there will be many more like me on both sides.” YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. First time in intifada: ISA man murdered in terror attack. TERRORIST WITH EXPLOSIVE UNDERWEAR BLEW HIMSELF UP ON ISA MAN. Terrorist attack in Gaza – Explosives not discovered in search, terrorist blew himself up in investigation room at Gush Katif junction. Victim – Oded Sharon, 36, father of three from Gan Yavneh, was ISA coordinator. IDF – Sharon arrived in Gaza and instructed commanders: Stop Kassams immediately. Apparently: “Moderate” operation. Palestinians – Fatah: We will stop attacks, but only on Israeli territory. Abu Mazen negotiating with Hamas. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh suggests that Abu Mazen, “is trying to appear in the West as someone who seeks peace and as someone who disavows all forms of violence,” and believes that, “Abu Mazen’s modus operandi will put the Sharon government under severe pressure.” However, the editors believe that Abu Mazen will be as corrupt as his predecessor and caution that, “It is possible that an assassin’s bullet will find Abu Mazen en route to the bank.” Yediot Ahronot discusses the Knesset report on Holocaust survivors’ assets in Israeli banks, which was issued yesterday, and notes that the report strongly criticizes both the banks and the Custodian of Abandoned Property for – inter alia – having done very little for the benefit of the heirs. “Thus,” remark the editors, “the state of Israel, the Jewish state, stole the last property of Jews who perished in the Holocaust.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on US President George Bush’s second term, which begins tomorrow, and asserts that, “George Bush will succeed in realizing his ambitious second-term plans only if he puts his own house – i.e. the US economy – in order first.” bpi-INFO