HA’ARETZ 1. IDF PREPARING FOR MAJOR OPERATION IN GAZA IF ABU MAZEN DOESN’T REIN IN ORGANIZATIONS. 2. CHANGE IN PA PUBLIC OPINION: 54% OF PALESTINIANS SUPPORT PERMANENT SETTLEMENT WITHOUT RETURN OF ALL REFUGEES. 3. SENIOR EU OFFICIAL TO HA’ARETZ: “EXCUSE CALLED ARAFAT IS OVER.” 4. PINES DELAYING “CITIZENSHIP LAW”: WANTS TO FORMULATE LENIENT PROCEDURES. HATZOFEH 1. As Sderot bleeds and is in mourning – Beilin and his friends meet with Abu Mazen. “I PRAY THAT MY DAUGHTER WILL RECOVER AND GO BACK TO WORKING AGAINST DISENGAGEMENT PLAN.” Thus father of Ayala Abukasis, who was critically wounded by Kassam rocket that landed in city, told Hatzofeh. Sderot residents close city, hold protest and prayer rally and call on government: “Enough Kassams!” Today: City residents to march in direction of Beit Hanoun, town from which Kassams are being fired. Chief-of-Staff orders preparations for wide-ranging in Gaza Strip if Abu Mazen doesn’t act. Maj.-Gen. Naveh: Rockets will continue even after disengagement. 2. OUTGOING YESHA COUNCIL SPOKESMAN LIKELY TO BE APPOINTED ADVISER TO [FOREIGN MINISTER] SILVAN [SHALOM]. MA’ARIV 1. ABU MAZEN’S PLAN FOR WAR ON KASSAMS. 1,000 policemen at launch sites. Surprise roadblocks and metal detectors. Thus Abu Mazen will try to stop firing at Sderot. 2. JEWISH AGENCY DECIDES: IMMIGRATION FROM RUSSIA WILL BE REDUCED. American donors pressing. From now on most resources will be invested in Jews from western countries. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Today: IDF to submit Gaza plan to Sharon. THE THREAT: ROCKETS ON ASHKELON. Assessment in Israel: Palestinians have smuggled in 20-kilomerter range Grad rockets from Egypt. Sderot protest: Residents to march toward Palestinian town of Beit Hanoun today. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot remarks on the latest slogan against disengagement, which states, “Our blood is as thick as that of Sderot residents,” and says, “The connection they have created between Sderot’s tragedy and the tragedy which threatens settler ideology is as outrageous and vulgar as using the tragedy of the Holocaust for their struggle.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, criticizes the government for its policy towards foreign workers and specifically criticizes the conduct of the immigration police. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, reprimands Pnina Rosenbloom for having such a lavish wedding when there are so many families living in poverty. Hatzofeh argues that, “It is no wonder that [the IDF] is unable to stop Kassam fire on the communities and their environs,” since the response is limited. Moreover, the editors point out that the new Chairman of the Palestinian Authority does not seem to have the authority to stop terrorist activity and purport that, “We must know our enemy. He hasn’t changed.” The paper claims that Abu Mazen is no different from his predecessor and regrets that, “The Prime Minister does not recognize this.” BPI-info