Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Finance Benjamin Netanyahu met today

At the start of the meeting, Prime Minister Sharon said: “I am very happy to host here Prof. Stanley Fischer. I have known him for many years; we are familiar with his special talents. We are sure that he will be able to contribute much to the State of Israel. I want to welcome him as a new immigrant to Israel.” Prof. Fischer said: “I am very happy to be here. I haven’t been formally appointed yet by the Government so I would rather not speak about the Governor’s post and my intentions at the Bank. I would just like to say that I hope that I will be able to contribute to the Israeli economy, to the economy of the state of Israel. I would like to thank Prime Minister Sharon and Finance Minister Netanyahu for my appointment. I hope that the appointment process will be finished soon and that I will be able to start preparing for my new post.” Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “I just want to thank you Stanley for agreeing to the Prime Minister’s and my request, to take Zionist and to immigrate to Israel. We esteem your talents and connections very highly, as well as everything that you will be able to do for the Israeli economy. We are certain that you will do this.” BPI-info