The Knesset Forum on the Middle East will convene its inaugural public hearing on January 4 at 6 PM in the Lecture Hall of the Knesset. This non-partisan forum will address the educational curriculum of the Palestinian Authority and examine the content of Palestinian textbooks. Leading authority and international expert on Arabic and Palestinian education, Dr. Arnon Groiss, will testify on the content of textbooks used in Palestinian schools – the first public hearing on the subject in the Knesset. Members of the Knesset from all parties have been invited to participate in the discussion. Other invited guests include members the diplomatic corps, academic figures, and leaders of institutions in Israel, political advisors and parliamentary aides. The press is welcome and invited to join this special public hearing. MKs Eti Livni and Dr.Yuri Shtern co-chair the forum that includes six Knesset parties: Shinui, the National Religious Party, Israel Beitenu, Shas, Likud, and Meretz (Yahad). The Forum is sponsored by the Center for Near East Policy Research, Jerusalem Summit, and the Jerusalem Project for Democracy in the Middle East. Members of the forum will be available for comments after the hearing. BPI-info