HA’ARETZ 1. THREE DEAD IN CARMEL MARKET SUICIDE BOMBING IN TEL AVIV; SHARON: NO CHANGE IN PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY. Victims: Tatiana Ackerman, 32 from Tel Aviv, Shmuel Levy, 65 from Jaffa and Leah Levine, 67 from Givatayim; 8 of those injured in serious condition. 2. US JEWISH LEADERS: ISRAELI BANKS MUST IMMEDIATELY RETURN HOLOCAUST MONEY. Israel Singer led struggle against Swiss banks in 90s. 3. EFFORTS TO RECRUIT „REBELS” AND RELIGIOUS TO SUPPORT BUDGET. Sharon’s aides: he will allow Netanyahu to climb down gracefully from threats. HATZOFEH 1. Man and two women murdered in suicide bombing in heart of Tel Aviv. MARKET HORROR.

At 11:15 huge explosion heard when suicide terrorist, 16, blew up, relatively small, explosive opposite stall in Carmel market. Shmuel Levy, 65, from Jaffa killed on his son’s memorial day. Leah Levine, 64, from Givatayim and another woman killed, 34 injured, 6 seriously. PFLP took responsibility. Police did not specifically secure area as there were no warnings for terror attack in Tel Aviv. Sharon: attack proves there is no change in Palestinian Authority leadership. 2. PRAYING FOR DISENGAGEMENT FROM DISENGAGEMENT. 20,000 took part in prayer in Jerusalem under auspices of Rabbis Eliyahu and Shapira. 3. LIKUD REBELS TO VOTE AGAINST EVACUATION-COMPENSATION LAW. MA’ARIV 1. (.) BUSH OR KERRY. (.). 2. 3 DEAD AND DOZENS INJURED IN EXPLOSION IN HEART OF TEL AVIV. Amar-al-Far, 16 year old youth, left his house yesterday morning near Nablus. He met a driver at Abu-Dis who drove him to the center of Tel Aviv without problems. At 11:15 he stood opposite a cheese stand in the heart of the Carmel market and blew himself up. Shmuel Levy, Leah Levine and Tatiana Ackermen were killed, and dozens injured. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. (.). BUSH OR KERRY. (.). 2. Horror in Carmel market. 16 YEAR OLD SUICIDE BOMBER. In heart of market, in the midst of hundreds of innocent buyers, Palestinian youth set off explosive belt. 3 murdered and dozens injured. „Whoever sent my son is a murderer” said suicide bomber’s mother. ____________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss yesterday’s terror attack at the Tel Aviv Carmel market: Hatzofeh says that the attack is a reminder „that we are living in the midst of a war, and therefore, we must set the agenda” and argues that Israel must strengthen its current borders rather than implement the disengagement plan. The paper adds that the terror attack „was to be expected” in light of Arafat’s hospitalization in Paris, but assert that as it was perpetrated by organizations who consistently attempt to harm and murder Jews it cannot be connected to the expected battle for leadership. Yediot Ahronot suggests that attempting to philosophize and understand the actions of a suicide bomber or an army attempting to protect its civilians is futile, but believe that the real question is „what is the connection between our actions and improving reality?” The paper purports that there is no connection. BPI-infó