Ben-Gurion Airport opens new terminal

Ben-Gurion International Airport opens its new terminal on Tuesday morning. Passengers will be arriving in the morning to board the first plane to use the terminal, El Al Flight No. 007, which will take off at 1:15 P.M. for New York. Sixteen El Al flights will take off from Terminal 3 on Tuesday and five will land. The first flight that will land at the new terminal will be El Al No. 002 from New York, and it is due to arrive in Israel at 2 P.M. The last flight to leave the old Terminal 1 was headed to Paris on Monday night, and the last flight to land there arrived from Poland.

The terminal closed at 1:40 A.M., after the flight landed, and all international traffic was moved to Terminal 3. ?This landing concludes a historic chapter in Israeli flight,? said Arkia airline CEO Yisrael Borovich. ?Terminal 3 is at an international standard and will allow Israeli and international airlines to provide service at a higher level.? Last week Hadash MK Ahmed Tibi petitioned the High Court of Justice to demand that the airport place signs in Arabic in the new terminal, whose signs are currently in Hebrew and English only. Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit said a mistake had been made. ?There is not enough translation to Arabic,? he said. ?We will find a way to fix it, and there will be signs in Arabic.? BPI-infó