HA’ARETZ 1. ATTORNEY GENERAL RECOMMENDS TO SHARON: SERIOUSLY CONSIDER ADOPTING GENEVA CONVENTION IN TERRITORIES. Israel has so far refused to adopt the convention; UN report: apartheid regime worse than that of South Africa reigns in territories. 2. HA’ARETZ INVESTIGATION IN TERRITORIES: MORE BUILDING ON LESS LAND. Security establishment delays approvals for 160 building plans, mainly in settlements that aren’t within a settlement bloc. 3. ISA: 1,001 ISRAELI VICTIMS SINCE START OF CONFLICT. Only during War of Independence and Yom Kippur War were there a higher number of Israeli dead. 4. SHALOM LEFT FOR SYMPATHY VISIT TO JEWS IN FRANCE. 5. FOR FIRST TIME: JOURNALIST INDICTED FOR ENTERING AREA A. HATZOFEH 1. Security Fence administration head: part of road 443 will be outside security fence. IDF TAKING CONTROL. Defense Minister clarified yesterday that he would recommend that the IDF have general responsibility for evacuating settlements, which will be implemented by border police. According to recommendation, reserve soldiers will be drafted to replace regular forces in joint operations – in order to allow regular soldiers to evacuate the settlers. In addition, evacuation will take place sequentially, in contrast to government decision. According to another decision, the Egyptians will, before disengagement is implemented man the south side of the Philadelphia corridor, as a test to their ability to prevent arms smuggling.

MA’ARIV 1. Within two weeks IDF will finish formulating its training plan for disengagement. MOFAZ: IDF TO COMMAND – POLICE TO EVACUATE. Defense Minister presented his plan to implement disengagement from Gaza: Border police to evacuate settlements under army supervision. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. ON WAY TO GOVERNMENT: HAREDIM TO RECEIVE ANOTHER NIS 220 MILLION. (.). Tomorrow: battle between Peres and rebels in Labor party. 2. FROM NEXT WEEK: THOSE WHO LEAVE OUT OF CHOICE WILL RECEIVE ADVANCED PAYMENTS. Most to receive advance payment of 50%. Mofaz: responsibility for evacuation on IDF, implementation on police. Drafting of reserve soldiers expected. Security fence: road 443 outside of new route. ________________________________________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot criticizes the government for wasting large amounts of money on the security fence which has been planned ineffectively, and in such a manner that parts of it will have to be moved over time. The editors wonder why road 443 from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is not included in the route, how much this will cost Israel in human life and financial costs and who will take responsibility for the whole fiasco. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on the absurd events in the Labor Party, where it appears that „the Party is full of leaders.” „Fuad and Vilna’i have already announced their candidacy, Ephraim Sneh is on the way, Ehud Barak is dawdling in Alaska, and if we can wait patiently, Avraham Burg may just.come back.” The editors observe that members of both parties have a similar dilemma, „they only know who to say no to. The person they want – has not shown up yet.” Hatzofeh is amazed that the administration for implementing the disengagement plan has already started operating even though the government has yet to make an official decision on the plan. The editors call for the body to be dissolved until the official decision is taken in March 2005. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, believes that people who win competitions and then use their fame to claim they are promoting their people’s cause are taking things a bit too far.