HA’ARETZ 1. US TEAM TO MARK APPROVED BUILDING AREA IN SETTLEMENTS. Palestinian Authority to request that Security Council discussion on be postponed until US elections. 2. AFTER FOUR MONTHS OF NO ATTACKS IN ISRAEL: ONE KILLED IN TEL AVIV BOMBING. 3. GROWING OPPOSITION IN LIKUD TO LABOR JOINING GOVERNMENT. Today: First negotiations between Sharon and Peres; Likud meeting to discuss establishment of unity government. 4. YOUTHS ATTACK FRENCH RAILWAY PASSENGER BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS JEWISH. “Children won’t dare leave Jewish area with a yarmulke,” say residents of Sarcelles neighborhood. “They attack Jews and the world laughs.” 5. SUSPICION: PALESTINIANS RECEIVED FAVOURABLE TREATMENT IN RETURN FOR BRIBES. 6. ISRAEL REFUSES TO ALLOW LEFTWING JEWISH ACTIVIST TO ENTER COUNTRY. HATZOFEH 1. Sgt. Ma’ayan Naim was murdered and over 30 wounded in terror attack next to old central bus station. TERROR RETURNS TO TEL AVIV. After four months of relative quiet, strong blast terrified Har-Zion Boulevard in Tel Aviv at 07:00 yesterday. Explosive was planted between bushes, close to bus stop. Bus that stopped close to bus stop damaged as result of the explosion. Police admit: No warnings. Tel Aviv mayor: “As long as there is motivation – there will be more terror attacks.” 2. LYNCH IN FRANCE: YOUNG WOMAN ATTACKED BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS JEWISH. 3. 400 US IMMIGRANTS TO ARRIVE IN ISRAEL ON WEDNESDAY. MA’ARIV 1. UNDER AUSPICES OF THE HAGUE. Seven months of quiet ended yesterday with explosion. Explosive device which was planted behind bus stop at Tel Aviv’s old central bus station murdered Sgt. Ma’ayan Naim. 32 people wounded, including pregnant woman. Sharon: “This is the first murder under the auspices of the International Court of Justice’s decision.” 2. FRANCE: SWASTIKAS DRAWN ON WOMAN’S STOMACH. Youths attacked mother because they thought she was Jewish. 3. SHALOM AND PERES: WHO WILL STAY OUTSIDE? Sharon to Peres: If you concede foreign ministry, Labor will receive eight portfolios in unity government.

YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. SHARON TO PERES: WE WILL RUN THE COUNTRY TOGETHER. PM offered Labor eight portfolios so that it would concede foreign ministry and prevent crisis with Silvan Shalom. Netanyahu and Shalom met for “coordination talks.” Peres: Joining government – for the good of the country. 2. WHY DID THEY TAKE MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL? After seven months of quiet, terror returned to Tel Aviv yesterday. Bomb planted next to bus stop murdered Ma’ayan Naim (20) from Bat Yam. Sharon: Terror attack under auspices of International Court in The Hague. 3. Anti-Semitism in Paris: ASSAILANTS ENGRAVED SWASTIKA ON WOMAN. No passenger helped the woman, who, as it later became apparent, was not even Jewish. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers comment on last Friday’s decision by the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ): Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, suggests that the separation fence represents a limit to the aspirations of both the Palestinians and the Israelis: “For the Palestinians, who consider the fence from its eastern side, it says: Thus far and no further. All of your national dreams and yearnings, from a state to ‘return’, you – the Palestinians – will have to realize and implement them in the areas up to the fence; what lays beyond the fence is separated and blocked off forever. For you, it is a foreign country. To the Israelis, who see the fence and its wall-like sections from the west, it indicates – in a very concrete and tangible fashion – the end of Jewish expansion in the Middle East and a final border to Zionist aspirations on the ground. This is our land. Beyond the fence, it is the land of others, not ours.” The editors assert that, “In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the fence is creating the awareness of partition that hasn’t yet been internalized. Aided by the fence, the concept, the route and the bricks – the partition will be internalized.” Hatzofeh says that, “Anyone who had any illusions that the judges in The Hague would be balanced in any way and would dwell at length on the continuing Palestinian terrorism and the killing of innocents – will now study what is international justice when it comes to the State of Israel, the State of the Jews.” The editors also criticize the High Court of Justice for, “occasionally preferring humanitarian concerns, as it were, over Jewish lives and the risk thereto,” and call on the Knesset to approve legislation bypassing the High Court of Justice. The paper believes that, “The data on the significant decline in terrorist attacks inside Israel since the construction of the fence speaks for itself,” and adds that, “First of all, Israel must be concerned for its citizens.” The editors call for the expulsion of Yasser Arafat, prior to the possible formation of a national unity government. __________ Yediot Ahronot analyzes the Labor Party’s conditions for joining a national unity government led by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and cautions that Labor is, “even now, before the negotiations get down to business, being portrayed as an anti-reform party.” The editors characterize Labor as, “A party that lacks a socio-economic agenda of its own,” and add that, “All it is capable of doing is voicing hollow criticism.” The paper calls on Labor to take a practical, case-by-case view instead of offering blanket criticism of Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies and urges Labor to take lessons from former US President Bill Clinton and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on how to put a social, more humanitarian veneer on essentially conservative socio-economic policies.