21 Apr 2004 HA’ARETZ 1. AFTER 18 YEARS IN PRISON, VANUNU IS FREE – BUT WILL BE MONITORED. Alongside security establishment restrictions, US will also monitor his steps. 2. IN WAKE OF TERROR ATTACKS: INCLINATION TO CLOSE EREZ INDUSTRIAL ZONE. Five Palestinians killed by IDF fire in Gaza Strip. 3. GILAD SHARON: I THREW APPEL TAPES INTO THE TRASH BEFORE START OF INVESTIGATION. 4. ANGER IN ISRAEL OVER JORDANIAN ACTIVITY AGAINST DISENGAGEMENT. King Abdallah cancelled his planned meeting with President Bush in wake of understandings with Sharon. 5. TA 100 HITS ALL-TIME HIGH. Index closed at 586.9; Netanyahu: Shekel is too strong, situation must change. 6. INCREASE IN NUMBER OF UNEMPLOYED – BUT ALSO IN DEMAND FOR WORKERS. 236,767 unemployed persons in March – increase of 2.8%; Employment Service: This is not a trend. HATZOFEH 1. Gaza Strip terror organization: we have developed rocket with 55-kilometer range. DISENGAGEMENT EFFECT: DAY OF SHELLING OF CANDIDATES FOR TRANSFER. Day of war in Gaza Strip in wake of Likud’s leftward shift on disengagement plan. Officer and four soldiers wounded during IDF in Beit Lahiye, in northern Gaza Strip. During action, youths tried to climb on IDF Merkava tank and steal towing cable. However, they were dispersed by fire from Armored Corp personnel. 12 Kassam rockets fired at Israeli communities opposite Gaza Strip. Eight civilians wounded. One rocket fell on Nisanit home; fifth hit on community in recent days. No casualties but two of home’ s residents were in shock. Two rockets fell near Sderot and one in city. Mortar round fell on classroom at Neve Dekalim hesder yeshiva but, miraculously, did not explode. DM Shaul Mofaz, who toured Strip, explained: “Disengagement plan bolster settlement.” But OC Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Zeevy-Farkash changed his mind: Disengagement plan will lead to reduction in terror.

2. SHARON MOCKS COURT: “I HAVE ACTUALLY DESTROYED ALL THE TAPES.” State Prosecutor’s Office hesitating on whether to fine or imprison Gilad Sharon. 3. MORDECHAI VANUNU TO BE RELEASED TODAY. 4. ALL-TIME HIGH ON TA STOCK EXCHANGE. 5. INCREASE IN UNEMPLOYMENT: MORE THAN 6,000 ADDITIONAL UNEMPLOYED. MA’ARIV 1. OUT FREE. Secret monitoring: From moment of release at 11:00 this morning, ISA Jewish branch personnel will covertly monitor him. New profile: Security establishment psychologist – He is sane, but determined to cause destruction of Israel’s nuclear facilities. Luxury residence: BBC has rented flat for him but Vanunu has still not decided where to live and will spend tonight in church. 2. “I THREW THE TAPES INTO THE RUBBISH BIN,” Gilad Sharon testifies. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. After 18 years in prison: Revealer of Israel’s atomic secrets to go free. RELEASED WITH THE SECRETS. Documents – in which he describes in astounding detail how Israel produces nuclear weapons, “down to the last bolt” – seized from Vanunu’s cell last week. Security establishment concern: He will reveal information passed on by Pollard. State Prosecutor’s Office: We will not climb into his bed but if he wants to sleep in another apartment, he must report it immediately. To celebrate tonight in Jaffa. 2. “I THREW TAPES INTO RUBBISH.” For two months, Gilad Sharon has refused to hand over material in Greek island case to police – and yesterday he astounded court by claiming that he had actually thrown them away a long time ago. Prosecution: This is contempt of court. Attorney General Mazuz: I will decide on Sharon case next month. 3. END OF BOYCOTT: EUROPE WILL PLAY FOOTBALL IN ISRAEL. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot believes that Gilad Sharon has, “run circles around the police for many months,” and has treated the legal system with scorn and disdain. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, notes that the campaign against the disengagement plan is being launched today and asserts that it is being run as though only, “the Likud Party has any interest in the plan.” The editors point out that no civilians are being asked their opinion and that it is only the results of the Likud elections that will decide the country’s fate. Hatzofeh notes that eight Kassam rockets were fired at Gush Katif two days ago and contends that, “After disengagement every second house will become a factory for building Kassam rockets and will present a serious threat to every southern city in Israel.” The editors argue that the IDF will be forced to maintain a strong presence in the area since the Palestinians will be under no obligation to restrain the terrorists and ask, “Why, therefore, is it necessary to evacuate the Jewish communities?” The paper believes that evacuating the communities in the Gaza Strip will only encourage further acts of terrorism. BPI.