14.12.2003 HA’ARETZ 1. POLICE TO ASK GOVERNMENT FOR BUDGETARY SUPPLEMENT AND LEGISLATIVE CHANGES. (…). 2. Diplomacy: On road to “Herzliya speech.” SHARON TO EMPHASIZE: UPHOLDING ROAD MAP, UNILATERAL “SECURITY” INITIATIVE. HATZOFEH 1. President Bush signs “Syria Accountability Act” enabling sanctions to be placed on Syria. US: HARSH SANCTIONS AGAINST SYRIA. Bush accuses Syria of supporting terrorist organizations and calls on it to withdraw from Lebanon and refrain from efforts to obtain non-conventional weapons. If Syria does not comply, US President intends to impose diplomatic and economic sanctions on Syria. Syrian regime response: “Israel ’s friends in Congress” behind move – but we will try to hold dialogue with US administration.

2. SEVEN BRATISLAV HASSIDIM WOUNDED IN NABLUS SHOOTING ATTACK. Military officials: Recently, there have been many warnings regarding possibility of terrorist attacks against worshippers trying to reach Joseph’ s Tomb. Nine other Hassidim who were traveling in vehicle that was shot at were detained for questioning. MA’ARIV 1. New crisis: Lapid preparing secular legislation. SHINUI SUBMITS CIVIL MARRIAGE LAW. Fmembers have already signed bill that will be submitted to Knesset within the week. Additional Shinui bill: Draft of yeshiva students. Fsources: “Goal is to drive right from government and bring in Labor in its place.” YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. “HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO FIGHT CRIME.” (…). 2. ATTACK FOILED – ALERT LOWERED. Large IDF and police forces blocked entrances to Tel Aviv on Friday and Saturday. 3. Air Force history. PILOT’S COURSE FOR WOMEN. Three women among pilot’s course graduates. (…). _____________________________ Yediot Ahronot suggests that Israelis do not really rate the war on crime very high on their list of priorities. Hatzofeh makes various suggestions to the government and the Israel Police regarding the war on crime.