9.12.2003 HA’ARETZ 1. SEPARATION FENCE TO INTERNATIONAL COURT IN HAGUE; CONCERN IN ISRAEL: HEARING WILL NOT BE FAIR. Assessment in Israel: Court will criticize human rights in territories. Two court judges have previously claimed that occupation is illegal. Foreign Ministry to cooperate in coordination with jurists and IDF. Court discussion to also deal with legality of occupation and settlements. Opinion has no binding validity; will be passed on to UN for discussion. Assessment: US will prevent sanctions, GA will be critical.

2. DM TO SETTLERS: WE WILL EVACUATE THREE INHABITED OUTPOSTS. 3. HEBRON SETTLERS RAN WILD, STATE WILL PAY COMPENSATION. 4. SHARON TO CONSULT WITH SENIOR LABOR PARTY OFFICIALS ON DIPLOMATIC PLAN. HATZOFEH 1. UN Ambassador Gillerman: “If it weren’t for Arafat – there would be no separation fence.” SHOCK: STATE OF ISRAEL TO BE TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES. UN decides to transfer discussion of separation fence to international war crimes tribunal in Hague. PM’s Bureau: Israel will cooperate in order to present its position – fence for security protection – despite “dirty trick that bypasses diplomatic negotiations and constitutes cynical exploitation of UN institution by Palestinians.” 2. MOFAZ: MIGRON – WITH 42 FAMILIES – WILL SOON BE EVACUATED. 3. Apprehended: Terrorist who was on his way to perpetrate large-scale attack in Sharon area city. HAMAS PLANNED ATTACKS AGAINST SENIOR ISRAELI OFFICIALS VISITING NORTH AMERICA. Hamas leaders ordered Jamal Akal to perpetrate attacks against Jewish targets and attack senior Israeli official visiting US or Canada. Hamas planned to cast responsibility for attack on Al Qaida. Head of Islamic Jihad in Hebron confesses that he was in contact with organization leadership in Damascus. Sentenced to 17 life sentences for planning attack on “Worshipper’s Alley” and dispatching terrorists to attack in Othniel. 4. PERETZ SUGGESTS APPOINTING ELI HURVITZ AS ARBITRATOR AND HALTING SANCTIONS. Teva Chairman: Offer puts my life at risk. 5. HEIGHT OF ABSURDITY: STATE WILL PAY COMPENSATION TO ARAB MERCHANTS IN HEBRON WHOSE SHOPS WERE CLOSED DUE TO INTIFADA. 6. OLMERT AND LAPID TO DEAL WITH RENEWED OPERATION OF ARUTZ 7. 7. ANOTHER PERK FOR MKS: EXEMPTION FROM PAYING TOLLS ON TRANS-ISRAEL HIGHWAY. MA’ARIV 1. PLAN: INCOME TAX WILL PAY WORKING POOR. (…). 2. 81 FAMILIES TO BE EVACUATED FROM OUTPOSTS. Among communities whose names Mofaz gave to settlers last night: Amuna, Migron and Bat Ayin Bet. “This hurts, but there is no choice.” 3. International arena: ISRAEL ON TRIAL: DISCUSSION OF FENCE PASSES TO INTERNATIONAL COURT IN HAGUE. 4. Diplomatic arena: APPARENTLY: SILVAN SHALOM TO MEET WITH PRESIDENT MUBARAK, MAYBE IN GENEVA. 5. Political arena: TALKING ABOUT UNITY? SHARON IN ROUND OF MEETINGS WITH PERES AND SENIOR LABOR OFFICIALS. 6. CANADIAN SNIPER IN HAMAS’S SERVICE. ISA suspects: Jamal Akal, arrested in Gaza Strip, planned to attack senior Israeli official abroad. 7. EURO TO PEAK: NIS 5.41. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. NETANYAHU PROMISES: 49% MAXIMUM TAX WITHIN ONE YEAR. (…). 2. IN SIGHTS: ISRAELI MINISTER. Hamas recruited Palestinian with Canadian citizenship for attempt on life of senior Israeli official on US visit. 3. International court in Hague to discuss fence. ON BENCH: SEPARATION FENCE. 4. Tense meeting between Mofaz and settlers. IDF READY TO EVACUATE THREE LARGE OUTPOSTS. 5. EURO BREAKS RECORD: NIS 5.4105. _______________________________________ Hatzofeh discusses the failure of the Cairo talks and the security establishment’s assumption that this will lead to an increase in terror attacks and says, “In these circumstances, we should not put too much hope in the impending meeting between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Ala.” The paper calls on the Palestinian Authority to cease considering the terrorist organizations as partners with equal rights, and argues that if the Palestinian Authority does not fight terrorists, “They will not only try to dictate coming procedures, they will also try to take control of the Palestinian Authority itself.” The editors conclude, “We must strike and fight against terrorists until they are destroyed. That is the lesson we must learn from the failure of the Cairo talks.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, criticizes the Likud for having no recognizable policy and says that, “It is each man for himself.” The editors highlight statements made by Ehud Olmert and Meir Shetrit that are reminiscent of the Saudi initiative, which was rejected by Sharon’s government as a dangerous trap. The paper says, “We would not be surprised if one of them gets up tomorrow and recommends withdrawing to the 4th June lines, while emphasizing the vast difference between him and Beilin and his buddies: I will pull back with a broken heart and they – will be happy.” Yediot Ahronot comments on the Israel Business Conference taking place in a Tel Aviv luxury hotel and notes that there is a self-proclaimed conference of ‘have-nots’ taking place in the park opposite. The editors assert that, “The reason the ‘have-nots’ do not have any recognizable impact is due to the lack of an effective economic-social opposition in Israel.” By BPI.