21,10,2003 HA’ARETZ 1. FOURTEEN KILLED AND DOZENS WOUNDED IN GAZA IN FIVE AIRSTRIKES. Eight of the Palestinians killed – Hamas fugitives. Approximately 80 Palestinians wounded in IDF attacks in Gaza Strip. IDF: Attacks – response to Kassam fire at Negev. One attack was near home of Jihad leader. Sunday’s clash: Tanzim-Hizballah cooperation.

2. Opening of Knesset session. SHARON-PERES CONFLICT OVER GENEVA UNDERSTANDINGS. 3. INQUIRY INTO EIN YABRUD ATTACK: FAULTS AND TACTICAL ERRORS. 4. MARATHON HISTADRUT-FINANCE MINISTRY NEGOTIATIONS TO PREVENT STRIKE. HATZOFEH 1. Parents of soldiers killed near Ofra: Our boys were “ducks in a shooting gallery.” SENIOR MILITARY SOURCE: FORCE SOLDIERS WEREN’T ALONE ON GROUND. Senior Central Command military source: Soldiers operated as part of entire network that was working to prevent terror attacks. IDF to continue to use foot patrols: In many instances results are different – terrorists in ambush are eliminated. Kaplinsky: Soldiers’ activity prevented attack on civilians. Air Force jets attacked terrorist targets in Gaza Strip five times. 2. NO ARAB COUNTRY WANTS YASSER ARAFAT. 3. ARAD FAMILY ATTORNEY TO QUESTION DIRANI. 4. MEETING BETWEEN HISTADRUT AND FINANCE MINISTRY REPRESENTATIVES – WITHOUT RESULTS. Histadrut threatening to intensify strike. 5. STORMY OPENING OF KNESSET WINTER SESSION. 6. SHAUL YAHALOM TO [ATTORNEY GENERAL] RUBINSTEIN: GENEVA SIGNATORIES – TRAITORS. 7. COURT AGAINST FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: “ARUTZ SHEVA” STOPS RADIO BROADCASTS. Magistrates Court convicts ten managers and broadcasters. Outrage on right: “We will not countenance silencing.” MA’ARIV 1. GAZA: ATTACKS WITHOUT LETUP. Air Force attacks five times in 13 hours. At least 12 Palestinians killed and dozens wounded. Hamas: Rewill be harsh. 2. “Our boys are ducks in a shooting gallery.” FATHER’S CRY. Avi Yaacov-Solomon, who lost his son Roi in incident near Ofra, blames IDF for his death. He is angry over IDF disposition in territories and claims: They are sending soldiers to their deaths. 3. MK YAHALOM: WHOEVER SIGNS GENEVA AGREEMENT – DESERVES DEATH PENALTY. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. JETS AND HELICOPTERS ATTACK GAZA. Morning and night, Air Force rained blows: 12 Palestinians killed and 140 wounded, including civilians, in five attacks. Sharon: Pressure to continue. Hamas: Harsh revenge on the way. 2. Cry of father whose son, and two comrades, was killed in ambush near Ofra: “ISRAELI ROULETTE.” Father of Roi Yaacov-Solomon: “ IDF sending boys to their deaths, like ducks in a shooting gallery. Was clear that such a small group would be eliminated. IDF: We will continue foot patrols. Assessment: Hizballah behind attack. 3. “ARUTZ SHEVA” HALTS BROADCASTS in protest over court decision to convict senior managers over illegal broadcasts. 4. ELI ZEIRA ADMITS: WE MADE HUGE MISTAKE. OC Intelligence during Yom Kippur War in confrontation with senior officers who served under him. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot expresses disappointment that yesterday’s opening of the Knesset winter session did not bring about anything of significance that might have been expected following recent events. The editors comment that, “Instead of serious parliamentary debate, we again saw a lack of basic courtesy” Hatzofeh criticizes those who made the “Geneva agreement” and believes that the “murderous attack near Ofra…is the Palestinian response to the agreement.” The editors point out that, “The Palestinian government is entrenched in a difficult internal crisis” and avers that “Arafat is not interested in stable government.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, discusses the general apathy towards the upcoming local elections. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, urges the courts to act more effectively against pirate radio stations. BPI.