Information Attributed to Security Sources

6.10. The Ayn Tzahab training camp in Syria The Ayn Tzahab terrorist training camp in Syria is supported by Iran and is used for operational training for Palestinian terrorists including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives. There is a wide variety of training in the camp, including sabotage, artillery training, guerilla warfare and even aeronautical training. Some of the terrorists training at the camp are operatives who come to receive advanced training and then return to Palestinian Authority territory in order to establish an operational terrorist infrastructure.

Some others of those training at the camp are operatives of the Islamic Jihad organization from Lebanon and Syria who are supposed to join organization in Lebanon to reinforce the operational deployment there. Syria provides backing to Palestinian terrorist organizations by allowing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine complete freedom to operate. For example, the Hamas headquarters in Damascus, recruits and trains Palestinians in Hizballah training camps. The training includes manufacturing explosive devices and explosive belts, intelligence collection, training in kidnapping, and instruction in preparing and carrying out terrorist attacks against military and civilian targets.BPI.