Arafat, on list of prisoners to be released: “Act of fraud.” Mofaz: We will freeze evacuation of additional cities. Sharon-Abu Mazen meeting cancelled. 2. SUSPECTS WHO PLANNED TO ATTACK PM ARRESTED. 3. Foreign policy: AFTER YEARS OF LOOKING THE OTHER WAY: ISRAEL TRYING TO CHANGE UN DECISIONS AGAINST IT. Shalom to PA: Refrain from anti-Israel decisions. Jerusalem: Anti-Israel decisions strengthen extremists. Call to Europe: Oppose anti-Israel decisions. US Ambassador to UN asked EU to change approach. FM Shalom to hold discussions with East Asian ambassadors. Assessment: No chance in struggle against anti-occupation decisions. 4. ATTORNEY GENERAL: DESPITE SEVERITY OF SITUATION, NO SUSPICION OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BY SHARON IN KFAR MALAL LAND AFFAIR. HATZOFEH 1. Expose: Security forces recently foiled suicide attack as it was about to be perpetrated. SENIOR MILITARY INTELLIGENCE OFFICER: HIZBALLAH PLANNING MAJOR ATTACK AGAINST ISRAEL. According to officer, planning for attack inside Israel is in revenge for elimination of Hizballah activist last Saturday, which organization is attributing to Israel. Yesterday, senior officer presented Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee with severe assessment on terror organizations ’ plans to perpetrate attacks. He said: “Fatah Tanzim in Ramallah and Nablus planning seven suicide attacks and are taking advantage of hudna to rebuild terror infrastructures.” He also estimated that Iranians are in last stage before achieving nuclear ability by next summer. 2. BEREAVED MOTHER TO SHARON: “HOW CAN YOU RELEASE SO MANY MURDERERS?” Yehudit Desberg, whose daughter and son-in-law were murdered in attack, confronted PM yesterday in Knesset. Published on Internet yesterday: Full list of terrorists to be released. 3. HAMAS GATHERED INTELLIGENCE ON PM. Two men who led suicide terrorists to Jerusalem attacks in which 32 people were murdered. 4. POLICE CONTINUING TO SEARCH FOR DANA BENNET AND ELIEZER KLUGHOFT. 5. GILAD SHARON: I WON’T HELP INVESTIGATION AGAINST MY FATHER. MA’ARIV 1. ISA uncovers: Palestinian cell planned to assassinate PM. TARGET: SHARON. Terrorists gathered information on senior Israeli officials and also considered kidnapping them for bargaining purposes. IDF Intelligence: Terrorists producing Kassam rockets in Samaria, Hizballah planning revenge attack. Sharon-Abu Mazen meeting cancelled. 2. “WHITE AMERICA IS TURNING BROWN.” Outrage over Peres’s remarks. 3. NEW ISRAELI DEVELOPMENT: LOW-CALORIE WATERMELON. 4. WANT A FENCE IN YOUR NAME? DONATE TO A SETTLEMENT. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Good news: VAT expected to drop to 17%. JUMP IN PURCHASES: MORE CARS AND ELECTRICAL GOODS. Finance Ministry data: Last month – genuine turnaround in imports. Shekel weakens further: Dollar rises to NIS 4.46, Euro jumps to NIS 5.05. 2. THUS HAMAS CELL PLANNED TO ASSASINATE SHARON. Terrorists had begun to collect information. Sharon cancels meeting with Abu Mazen. Said: We haven’t given Palestinians anything. 3. PRAYING FOR DANA’S SAFETY. Searches also being conducted for tourist who went missing in Safed. ________________________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh asserts that the recent terror attack south of Jerusalem is proof that the “hudna is collapsing” and that “The agreement with the Palestinian Authority is dangling by a thread.” The editors point out that the attack appears to have been perpetrated from Bethlehem, which is currently under Palestinian control, accuse the Palestinian Authority of “being unable to ensure that the city does not become a center for terrorist activity,” and warn that “If this continues, Israel will have no choice but to have the IDF reenter Bethlehem.” The paper adds that the Palestinians have shown no sign of dismantling the terror organizations and argue that Abu Mazen is encouraging terror activity by turning a blind eye to it. Yediot Ahronot discusses Prime Minister Sharon’s comment yesterday that “Nothing has been given to the Palestinians yet,” and argues that such a declaration makes it very easy for the Palestinians to claim that Israel is not serious about the hudna or implementing confidence-building measures which would advance the peace process. The editors criticize the government for a having a twisted outlook when considering possible gestures towards the Palestinians where we automatically feel that “when we give we definitely lose, instead of concentrating on the question of what Israel can gain from respectable political gestures.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, suggests that the current Likud-led government will find it difficult to pass proposed legislation hat would force political parties to hold primaries. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, claims that 99% of missing person cases are resolved satisfactorily.