Responsible for terror attacks in Haifa, French Hill and #14 bus. IDF: Qawasmeh killed as he tried to escape capture. Palestinians: Police opened fire as soon as they stepped out of the car. Security sources: We will continue to detain senior activists. High number of warnings even before Qawasmeh was killed. 2. TZVI GOLDMAN, WHO WAS MURDERED IN TERROR ATTACK NEAR OFRA, IS LAID TO REST. 3. AGREEMENT TO TRANSFER POWER IN GAZA STRIP TO PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY – APPARENTLY THIS WEEK. Agreement for organization period of 3-6 weeks. HATZOFEH 1. Wave of terror continues: Tzvi Goldman murdered on way to his son’s post wedding Sabbath celebrations. ANOTHER CAPITULATION: ISRAEL WILL BE FORCED TO WITHDRAW FROM THE WHOLE OF GAZA. Powell formulates deal in which 4 times more territory than was originally planned will be transferred to Palestinians. Israel to allow Palestinians grace period of more than one week, during which there will be no responses. National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice to arrive in Middle East this week. 2. TOP FUGITIVE IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA, WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY TERROR ATTACKS, KILLED. MA’ARIV 1. Abdullah Qawasmeh eliminated, #1 fugitive in West Bank. US: ABU MAZEN MUST STOP GIVING EXCUSES. “Powell’s visit failed,” being said in Jerusalem; waiting for Condoleeza Rice, who will try to save road map. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Israel settles account with #1 fugitive in West Bank, who was responsible for murdering more than 50 Israelis. BUS BOMBER ELIMINATED. Abdullah Qawasmeh, who was shot last night by special forces unit in Hebron, had sent suicide bombers to #14 in Jerusalem two weeks ago, to Moriah Street in Haifa and French Hill. Bush: Fight Hamas. ________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh declares that, “One cannot argue with the facts,” and adds that, “Ariel Sharon is the prime minister during whose tenure more Israelis have been killed in terrorist attacks than during any other period in the annals of the state.” The editors assert that, “The fact is that this is the greatest failure in the history of the State of Israel, and one cannot argue with this fact.” The paper suggests that, “Anti-Jewish racism has been one of Sharon’s most outstanding characteristics as prime minister,” and adds that, “The racism began with the ban on Jews going up to the Temple Mount and ended with the transfer of Yitzhar’s Jews last week.” Thus, the editors aver, “Sharon must be toppled,” and believe that, “This mission is – first and foremost – the responsibility of the members of the Likud Central Committee.” Yediot Ahronot refers to the quartet meeting and economic forum taking place in Jordan and says that, “The message is clear: As the world arrives in the Middle East to open an unprecedented window of opportunity for its residents, President Bush expects that the Palestinians and the Israelis will not shatter the glass in his face.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on MK Shimon Peres’ election as temporary Labor party Chairman (for one year) and says that, “Either he will succeed or when he leaves, Labor will leave our political life.” The editors note Peres’s age (80) and venture that, “The young meteors that have blazed briefly in the party’s skies in recent years have left behind them burnt fields and empty coffers.” The paper suggests that, “In this fateful period, Peres has taken into his hands two moribund and leader-saturated bodies: the leadership of the party and the leadership of the opposition.” The editors venture that, “If he behaves like a finance minister for his party and a prime minister and statesman for an assertive opposition that will fight to advance the peace process and to protect weaker social groups, then the dry bones will come back to life,” but caution that, “If he behaves like an opposition leader in his party and as a potential foreign minister in a Sharon government, then he will be hammering the final nails in the coffins of Labor and the political-social opposition.” Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, wonders how Jerusalem’s first haredi mayor, Uri Lupolianski, will deal with yesterday’s resumption of stone-throwing by young haredi Jews at cars on the capital’s Bar Ilan street.