Hundreds of police personnel and soldiers planned nighttime evacuation; High Court of Justice to continue discussions this morning. 2. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION AGAINST MKS SUSPECTED OF VOTING TWICE. 3. PATROLS ON TRANS ISRAEL HIGHWAY TO BE REINFORCED; IDF: CULVERT – KNOWN WEAKPOINT. 4. ISRAEL TO “PARTICIPATE” IN EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY. 5. NOW IT IS OFFICIAL: JOASH INSCRIPTION AND OSSUARY OF JESUS’ BROTHER – FORGERIES. HATZOFEH 1. Rubinstein orders opening of criminal investigation into “double voting” affair. SOON: MKS TO BE INVESTIGATED. Speaker Reuven Rivlin: MK who voted twice is cutting off the branch that Israeli democracy leans on. MKs demanding revote on economic plan. 2. TRAVELERS ON TRANS ISRAEL HIGHWAY RELIED ON WALL, TERRORISTS SUCCEDED IN PASSING THROUGH CULVERT. Terrorists broke through bars, approached highway, committed murder – and fled back to Kalkilya. Festivities at Yemin Ord turned into tragedy: Hundreds escorted seven-year-old Noam Leibowitz on her final journey. 3. INTERIM ORDER BANS DEMOLITION OF MAIN STRUCTURE AT MITZPEH YITZHAR. IDF prepared to evacuate outpost overnight – but appeal to High court of Justice blocked plan. 4. PALESTINIAN NEWSPAPER: BINYAMIN BEN-ELIEZER MURDERED EGYPTIAN POW’S. MA’ARIV 1. BUSH: WE CANNOT TOLERATE NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN IRAN. (…). 2. HAMAS: WE WILL CARRY OUT SMALL ATTACKS ONLY. Palestinian officials: Hamas leaders have promised Egypt that from now on, they will carry out, “local and insignificant,” attacks only. 3. “IDF HAD NO BUDGET FOR GUARDS.” Security measures on Highway #6 did not help Noam Leibowitz. 4. PERES’S LAST CHANCE. Today: At age of 80, Shimon Peres is likely to become Labor Party Chairman. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. (…). SEVEN YEARS OLD FOREVER Screw-up: Fence did not protect highway. 2. WILL PERES BE ELECTED LABOR CHAIRMAN? Today: Will compete for post against Ephraim Sneh and Danny Atar. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot says that yesterday’s terror attack on the Trans Israel Highway has been trumpeted by both those who support and oppose the separation fence in order to defend their position. The editors note that in any case the fence will be built but argue that, “The fence is just an obstacle to terror. It is not a border, or a fortification line, and it is not a ghetto wall.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, discusses the failed attempt to implement a hudna and claims that, “an absurd situation has been created in which the Palestinian Authority represents the Israeli government to Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders, and – satiated with their new position of importance – again are not stopping terror attacks.” The paper points out that the result is that “The Israeli government…therefore finds itself negotiating, indirectly or directly, with terror organizations that other countries…have outlawed and are pursuing.” The editors assert, “If our government thinks that the national interest forces us to enter into talks with Hamas, such a decision must be stated clearly and considered against Israeli public opinion and the effect on the overall global war against terror. But we should not hide behind the hudna that is being brewed in Gaza, Ramallah and Cairo. This fake hudna does not include an end to violence, recognition of the other side, and a return to the negotiating table, rather it is awarding organizations, whose entire raison d’?tre is to perpetrate murderous acts against civilians, with the prize of legitimacy.” Hatzofeh admits that it is tempting to call for Interior Minister Avraham Poraz’s resignation following accusations that he voted more than once on the economic plan. However, the editors believe that “Poraz is an honest man” and congratulate themselves on not condemning someone because they don ’t agree with his politics.