Abu Mazen replies to Fatah: US and Egypt will guarantee this. His meeting with Hamas was postponed: Delay in withdrawal from Gaza. Sharon, in Knesset: We will pursue terrorists everywhere. Report: Powell likely to visit Israel at weekend. Envoy Wolf meets Sharon; to visit PA today. EU to Hamas: We will freeze your funds if terror continues. 2. BEN ELIEZER: I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE; PERES: HOW DID HE DO THIS TO ME? 3. HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE APPROVES EVACUATION OF MITZPEH YITZHAR OUTPOST. HATZOFEH 1. US and Egyptian representatives discuss ceasefire with Palestinians. SHARON: NO DIPLOMATIC CONCESSIONS IF TERROR IS NOT ELIMINATED. Sharon: Israeli activity and US pressure compelled Palestinians to take responsibility for struggle against terror. Said that “Roadmap is merely a framework” – promised that he would submit agreement to Knesset. Hudna apparently being arranged between Hamas and Palestinian Authority. IDF bisects Gaza Strip following warnings of shooting and Kassam rocket attacks. Senior Hamas official in Kalkilya arrested. 2. YESHA LEADERS TO CALL ON PUBLIC TO MOBILIZE IN ORDER TO PREVENT EVACUATION OF OUTPOSTS. 3. 281,400 JOBSEEKERS IN APRIL. MA’ARIV 1. Secret mission: ISA Director Dichter coordinating war on Hamas with US administration. DICHTER SUMMONED TO WASHINGTON TO EXPLAIN: HUDNA IS DANGEROUS. Egyptian mediators return to Cairo – without ceasefire agreement with Palestinian organizations for the time being. But Hamas and Islamic Jihad declare: Even with hudna, we will continue to kill settlers and soldiers. 2. DOLLAR NOSEDIVES – AND PRICES WITH IT. Cars: Reductions worth thousands of shekels expected. Electric goods: Reduced by approximately 5%. 3. MADONNA ON HER WAY TO ISRAEL. Due to film new video clip here. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Dollar plummets to 18 month low. DOLLAR: NIS 4.354. Expectations of diplomatic breakthrough boost shekel. One side of the coin: Renters and travelers abroad celebrating. Other side of the coin: Exporters fear major losses. 2. ASSESSMENT IN ISRAEL: CEASEFIRE WITHIN A FEW DAYS. Concern: Major attack will return area to cycle of bloodshed. Hamas: Within four days, we will decide whether or not to halt attacks. 3. WOMAN WHO LOST MOTHER AND DAUGHTER IN TERRORIST ATTACK GIVES BIRTH TO DAUGHTER. Miracle for Pnina Eisenman, who was wounded one year ago at French Hill: “Giving birth is victory over terror.” ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot calls for “creative ideas” in order to break the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The editors believe that “conditions are ripe” for ideas such as a US mandate over Palestinian territory and reject the view of those who oppose such a step on the grounds that a foreign force would be unwilling to fight terror any better than Israel can. The paper argues that the foreign force’s primary task would be to “establish an apprentice regime, which would prepare the Palestinian nation for independent government.” Hatzofeh comments on last month’s drop in the CPI drop and believes that it will not improve the unemployment situation. The editors criticize the government for “being wrapped up in security issues and not paying attention to the difficulties of a large majority of the population.”