. PA proposal: Control of entire Gaza Strip and ceasefire. Israel to halt eliminations and continue to hold West Bank. Arafat directs services to prepare to take responsibility. Israel: Only northern Gaza, we will not commit on eliminations. Hamas and Islamic Jihad reject ceasefire in return for withdrawal. Powell to Sharon and Abu Mazen: Maintain maximum restraint. 2. SOLDIER KILLED IN JENIN; TWO WOMEN WOUNDED NEAR RAMALLAH. 3. ABU MAZEN TRAVELED ABROAD AND ARAFAT TOOK CONTROL. 4. AZNAR: SHARON’S CREDIBILITY DEPENDS ON IMPLEMENTING ROADMAP. Spanish Prime Minister in Ha’aretz interview: Isolating Arafat no solution. 5. RIVLIN ADVANCING LEGISLATION THAT WOULD ANCHOR SUPREME COURT AUTHORITY TO OVERTURN LAWS. 6. ROMANIAN GOVERNMENT: THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST IN OUR TERRITORY. HATZOFEH 1. Delegation of American inspectors arrived in region last night. Dahlan and Gilad hold midnight discussion on Israeli withdrawal. FIRST STAGE: HANDING OVER OF NORTHERN GAZA STRIP AND BETHLEHEM. After weeks in which they refused to accept responsibility, Palestinians announce: We are ready to accept security responsibility over areas evacuated by Israel. Arafat strengthens his control over Palestinian security services. 2. ST.-SGT. MORDECHAI TSAYADA KILLED IN JENIN ACTION. 3. HAMAS AND JIHAD REJECT CEASEFIRE PROPOSAL. Senior Egyptian intelligence official arrives to resume dialogue. 4. SENIOR DEMOCRATS COMPLAIN ABOUT BUSH’S ATTITUDE TOWARDS ISRAEL. 5. TODAY: ISRAELI PAVILLION TO OPEN AT PARIS AIR SHOW. MA’ARIV 1. Israel to Palestinians: Take Gaza. “TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.” Despite attacks and eliminations – another step on road towards possible relaxation. Under American and Egyptian pressure, Arafat agreed to ‘test’: IDF to withdraw from Gaza Strip and Dahlan is supposed to prevent attacks and Kassam rocket fire in exchange. 2. BAD NEWS AT SABBATH TABLE. St.-Sgt. Mordechai Tsayada killed Friday in Jenin. 3. ROMANIA: WE HAD NO HOLOCAUST. Half of country’s Jews perished. 4. NERVES ON ARKIA FLIGHT: SECURITY GUARD PULLED HIS GUN. Family tried to burst into cockpit. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Contacts on agreement in Gaza: IDF to withdraw, Palestinians to take responsibility. HEAVY AMERICAN PRESSURE TO SAVE ROADMAP. Pressure: Weisglass summoned to US, Powell to arrive in region, Bush considering Camp David meeting with Sharon and Abu Mazen. Despite agreement in the making: Hamas threatening to continue attacks. 2. WITH TEARS IN HIS EYES, US AMBASSADOR TOLD SHARON: MY COUSIN WAS MURDERED IN ATTACK. American Ambassador Dan Kurtzer now connected to Israel in blood: His cousin, Anna Orgal, was killed in Jerusalem attack. 3. ARMORED JEEP AND FLAK JACKET DIDN’T SAVE MOR. St.-Sgt. Mor (Mordechai) Tsayada killed in Jenin. Shooting attack in Samaria: Woman settler gave CPR to her friend and saved her life. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh draws attention to the fact “35 people have been killed since the Aqaba summit” and blames Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. “His failed policy is costing Israeli citizens in blood.” The editors call on the Likud Central Committee to replace Ariel Sharon as soon as possible. Yediot Ahronot comments “A few months ago Mahmoud Abbas was our big hope…Finally we had someone whose word we could trust, who is looking for progress and prosperity for his people.” The editors criticize those who have been quick to dismiss Abu Mazen as a “weak person who cannot deal with terrorists,” and who have been suggesting possible replacements for him. The paper declares that “We can kill them and occupy their land, we can decide that we won’t talk to them, except through missiles. But we cannot, however hard we push and try, decide who leads them.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, says that UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s suggestion to place an international peacekeeping force in the area is not new and questions its viability. “It is questionable as to whether people would volunteer for such a force. A large army, with huge military force…has not been able to stop terror for three years. What makes anyone think that a UN force…would be able to stop it? Who exactly would prevent a chain of terror attacks, that would expel the foreigners back to their homelands, with their tails between their legs?” The editors claim that this conflict can only be solved between the two sides and adds that, “No one will solve it for us.”