2. TO LIKUD WHISTLES AND CATCALLS, SHARON PROMISES: I WILL BRING PEACE AND SECURITY. 3. Abu Mazen – Hamas eroding Prime Minister’s authority. ABU MAZEN FORCED TO CANCEL VISIT TO GAZA. 4. FOREIGN NATIONALS MAY HOLD UP TO 49% OF EL AL SHARES. HATZOFEH 1. Palestinian response to roadmap: Seven killed in four days. TERROR ONSLAUGHT IN JUDEA, SAMARIA AND GAZA: FIVE SOLDIERS KILLED. Four soldiers killed in terrorist attack at IDF post at Erez checkpoint. Soldier killed and Border Policeman wounded in two attacks in Hebron. 2. SHARON GREETED WITH BOOS AT LIKUD CONVENTION – AND WON: NO VOTE HELD ON DIPLOMATIC ISSUES. 3. TODAY:MOFAZ TO PRESENT YESHA COUNCIL WITH LIST OF OUTPOSTS SLATED FOR EVACUATION. 4. RUBINSTEIN DECIDES TO INDICT ATTORNEY GLATT-BERKOWITZ WHO LEAKED DOCUMENTS. MA’ARIV 1. Four killed at Erez checkpoint. One killed in Hebron. BLOOD ON THE MAP. Only five days after hopeful speeches at Aqaba summit – and Israel is again under murderous terror onslaught by coalition of terrorist organizations, including Fatah, Abu Mazen’s organization. Even after day of attacks and stormy reception at Likud conference last night, PM’s confidants promise: Diplomatic contacts to continue. 2. “THEY WILL NOT MOVE ME.” This will be remembered as ‘whistle conference.’ Jeers and catcalls made it difficult for PM to speak last night. “The defeat of terror is within reach,” he promised, “We will not compromise on security.” Likud Central Committee to vote on roadmap in one month. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. (…). FIVE KILLED IN ONE DAY. Gaza: Four soldiers killed in infiltration of position. Hebron: Soldier killed from ambush. IDF preparing to evacuate outposts. 2. SHARON PROMISES CONCESSIONS AND LIKUD BOOS HIM. PM’s speech to Likud conference repeatedly interrupted. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh mourns the murders of seven Israelis in the past week and describes them as “The first victims of the road map policy.” The editors claim “Ariel Sharon’s failure is so clear, that the only way for him to silence the voices of criticism is to accept the positions of those who control most of the Israeli media.” The paper criticizes the Prime Minister for not holding the Palestinian Authority and its leader Abu Mazen responsible for the Erez attack and hopes that Prime Minister Sharon will change his direction, “hopefully, when it is not too late.” Yediot Ahronot is not surprised by the continuation of violence over the last few days and says, “The war with the Palestinians will only reach its end when both sides collapse,” and claims “No one really believed anything ended or began at the Aqaba summit.” The editors claim that while there are people on both sides who believe in compromise, “No one is really prepared to listen anymore.”