No draft for compromise achieved ahead of Likud convention discussion of road map; Attempts to reach agreement with settlers over evacuation of outposts; closure on West Bank due to warnings for terror attacks. 2. ASSESSMENT: DAVID SHAMBIK AND MORAN MENACHEM MURDERED FOR NATIONALISTIC REASONS. 3. Diplomacy: From trivial plan to Aqaba declarations – this is how Bush pushed Israel into the road map. HOW MUCH DID THE US SURPRISE ISRAEL IN ITS INSISTENCE ON IMPLEMENTING ROAD MAP? 4. SOCCER: DISAPPOINTING 0-0 DRAW BETWEEN ISRAEL AND SLOVENIA. HATZOFEH 1. Increasing suspicion that murder of youths in Jerusalem was terror attack. YESHA COUNCIL: NO UNDERSTANDINGS WITH GOVERNMENT OVER EVACUATION OF OUTPOSTS. Outpost that is evacuated will be re-inhabited. US: Sharon’s declarations meaningless – according to the road map, all outposts are illegal. Clashes in Gaza continue: Mortar fire on Gush-Katif. Bodies of David Shambik, 27, and Moran Menachem, 17, found on eve of festival in grove between Hadassah-Ein Kerem hospital and exit from Even Sapir moshav, with signs of vicious violence. Battle with three terrorists in Samaria who planned terror attack – two killed, one caught. 2. STANDSTILL IN CONTACTS BETWEEN HAMAS AND PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY; SENIOR HAMAS OFFICIALS REFUSE TO MEET WITH DAHLAN. 3. FOLLOWING WARNINGS OF TERROR ATTACKS: FULL CLOSURE REIMPOSED ON JUDEA AND SAMARIA. 4. MEIR WILNER – LAST SURVIVING SIGNER OF DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE – DIES. MA’ARIV 1. Full closure on territories following wave of warnings. HAMAS THREATENS: TERROR ATTACKS WILL CONTINUE. Prime Minister returned from Aqaba summit straight into “war” at home: Likud convention to convene today and will try to tie his hands. Sharon refuses to commit to red lines in negotiations with Abu Mazen. Landau threatens: If there is a road map – there is no Likud. 2. Prime Minister’s Office plan: CASINOS IN EILAT AND MITZPEH RAMON. 3. AXE MURDER IN FOREST OF LOVE. (…). 4. NATIONAL TEAM DISAPPOINTS AGAIN. 0-0 VS. Slovenia. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. IDF RENEWS CLOSURE ON WEST BANK. Reason: Large number terror attack warnings. Difficulties for Abu Mazen in stopping terror. Evacuation of 10-15 small, uninhabited outposts planned to begin this week. 2. TENSION IN ISA DUE TO FEAR OF ATTACK ON SHARON. Record security around Prime Minister due to threats from right. Palestinian Authority: Increased security around Abu Mazen. 3. KATSAV ATTACKS AQABA AGREEMENT. President: “This is a continuation of Oslo. Palestinians have not delivered the goods and we are again moving towards them.” 4. AXE MURDER. David Shambik (27) and his girlfriend Moran Menachem (17) wanted to be alone on Wednesday night in “love grove”, next to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem-Hospital. Murderers, who waited in the dark, cruelly beat them to death in their car. Police: This is nationalistic terror. 5. MEIR WILNER DIES. Former MK, last surviving signer of Declaration of Independence, was 85. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh refers to today’s meeting of the Likud Central Committee and reminds its readers that, “The Likud platform explicitly disavows the establishment of a Palestinian state.” However, the editors accuse Likud Chairman Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of, “thumbing his nose at the Central Committee with contempt,” and declare that, “The only possibility is to dismiss Ariel Sharon. There is no other way when Ariel Sharon spits in their faces; it isn’t rain.” Yediot Ahronot urges Israelis to judge Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen’s speech last Wednesday in Aqaba by, “the outraged response of Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian terrorist organizations.” The editors also urge Israelis not to dismiss Abu Mazen’s remarks by declaring that the latter will be judged solely on his actions, and assert that, “Such a dismissal will be a fateful mistake because in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, changes in attitude precede all changes on the ground.” The paper calls on the security forces, “to show maximum military restraint in the coming period,” so as not to undercut Abu Mazen, and asserts that, “Abu Mazen is a national Israeli interest, like peace.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, suggests that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction – like its senior leaders, including Saddam Hussein and his family – have been carefully hidden in specially prepared sites, both inside Iraq and beyond its borders, and suggests that the Americans and British will need, “patience, intelligence and luck,” in discovering them.