Netanyahu Highlights A Historical Evening in Jerusalem

Netanyahu Highlights A Historical Evening in Jerusalem


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Netanyahu Highlights A Historical Evening in Jerusalem
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Click here to watch: Netanyahu Highlights A Historical Evening in Jerusalem

What an amazing evening. We are so thankful!

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Armed members of Palestinian Authority threaten Arab countries who joined Bahrain Peace Summit

Are this supposed to be Israel’s partner for peace?

Video leaked of Danish children being trained in Muslim prayer causes outrage

Apparently, it wasn’t supposed to be recorded…

This is why the UN must fight against antisemitism – hear it from people who know

Will the UN listen?

Fascism on the Streets of the US

This is horrible.

Bill Maher Guest Says USA is “on the Road to Death Camps and Fascism”

No matter how bad one might think things are in the USA, which they aren’t, this man represents a public with a huge disconnect from reality.

Unsurprisingly, Iran exceeds uranium enrichment limit under 2015 nuclear deal. Now what?

“Tehran’s aim is not to start a war,” said analyst Tzvi Kahn of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, “but to project strength, test U.S. resolve and weaken U.S. deterrence.”

Incitement by the “The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine”

On Sunday, an organization calling itself “The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine” put up a massive roadside sign on Route 60, the central highway of Judea and Samaria.

Labor members vote on a new leader ahead of upcoming national election

The internal election is seen as critical to the survival of the party, once the most powerful in Israel but which only won six seats in Israel’s April election.

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Shalom from Jerusalem!
Avi Abelow
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