New Zealand Jews ‘Sickened’ By Mosque Shootings That Killed 49

New Zealand Jews ‘Sickened’ By Mosque Shootings That Killed 49


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New Zealand Jews ‘sickened’ by mosque shootings that killed 49
U.S. politicians on Twitter drew comparisons between the mosque massacre and last October’s deadly shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.
5 Jewish things to know about Beto O’Rourke
The Texas Democrat, who once reportedly said he has Jewish roots, drew fire from some local Jews after he voted against Iron Dome funding for Israel.
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Israel strikes dozens of Hamas targets in response to rockets fired on Tel Aviv
Both Israel and Hamas reportedly have agreed to a ceasefire for the time being.
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In Europe, the boycott Israel movement is weaker than you think
BDS is on the defensive as Europe confronts growing anti-Semitism on the right and left.
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