US Congress Condemns UN Anti-Israel Resolution ; Jewish-American Baseball players to represent Israel

US Congress Condemns UN Anti-Israel Resolution ; Jewish-American Baseball players to represent Israel ; MK Hazan Engaged ; MK Basel Ghattas Indicted; Shabbat Shalom – Jan. 6, 2017


January 6, 2017 / 8 Tevet 5777
Shabbat Shalom!
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Don’t I Know You From Somewhere? – Parshat Vayigash familiar-joseph-vayigash

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Headlines & Recommended

House Condemns UN Anti-Settlements Resolution

Most of the Nay votes came from Democrats, including Keith Ellison (D-Mn), who is in the running to head the Democratic National Committee.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
Second Netanyahu Police Interrogation Touches Gifts and Mystery Charge

David Israel
Police were hoping to surprise the PM with the details of the secret allegations, after the initial meeting found him well prepared with answers to every one of their questions.

Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Avichai Mandelblit.
New Year Speech to the Muslim World

Nonie Darwish
Why should foreigners that loathe the West seek to live in the West? As Trump said, why should America-or any country-not allow in ONLY immigrants who love us and who respect our laws and way of life?

Obama's first major presidential speech, was to the Muslim world in Cairo. (June 4, 2009)
Israeli Arab MK Basel Ghattas Indicted on Abuse of Diplomatic Immunity, Use of Property for Terror

Hana Levi Julian
Balad party MK Basel Ghattas has been indicted on a range of charges linked to allegations he sneaked communications equipment into prison for Hamas terrorist inmates.

MK Basel Ghattas (Balad / Joint Arab List)

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Jewish Surrogacy in an Egyptian Womb
The family of Israel gets brought down to Egypt after the revelation that Joseph is still alive. Rabbi Mike Feuer is reunited with Rabbi Yishai on Spiritual Cafe where they discuss the repentance for the sale of Joseph and Jacob’s fear of leaving the land of Israel. Then, Yishai and Malkah team up to talk about the Elor Azaria verdict, where an IDF soldier was put on trial for shooting dead a downed terrorist. Finally, Yishai’s comments on the BBC about the IDF, Jihad, and the rights of Jews in Judea and Samaria.

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Mazel Tov MK Oren Hazan
MK Oren Hazan proposed on stage…
MK Oren Hazan propses to Rinat - Jan. 5, 2016
10 Jewish-American PlayersSlated to Represent Israel in Baseball Tournament
This will mark the first time Jewish-American athletes play for Israel in a world championship.
The players and coaches of the Jewish-American-Israel Baseball team in front of an F-15 fighter jet at an Israeli Air Force Base, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017
Elbit Flight Vision System to Comply with FAA ‘Zero Visibility Landing’ Regulations
The FAA recently published a new ruling to provide dispatch and landing priority along with low visibility landing credit at ‘zero visibility’ conditions.
The Falcon 8X

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Is The Bible The Future Of Politics?

Rabbi Gil Student
In the recent election, voters declared that the old ideas don’t work and America needs new ideas. Maybe it needs timeless ideas. Can the Bible restore the society underlying American democracy?

Rabbi Gil Student

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A Soldier’s Mother: The Fundamental Truth About Israel’s Soldiers
A Soldier’s Mother
Paula Stern
Elor Azarya is a soldier of Israel. 10 months ago we sent him into battle. His friend was stabbed in that battle. Elor raised his gun and shot the terrorist. It wasn’t murder. It wasn’t even manslaughter.
Elor Azarya

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Israel On My Mind – GOOD NEWS STORIES from Israel!
Israel on My Mind
Israel News Talk Radio
Good news stories from Israel.
How The Israeli Court Just Stabbed The IDF
Israel News Talk Radio
An IDF soldier thrown under the bus.

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The First Yeshiva Gedolah In The U.S.?

Dr. Yitzchok Levine

Seeing Hashem’s Hand Through The Pain

Rosally Saltsman

The Judaism Of Joseph Pulitzer

Saul Jay Singer

Guard Your Tongue

Rabbi Mordechai Weiss


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Parshas VaYigash

Rabbi Yaakov Klass

Weekly Luach - Shabbat Shalom
Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Vayigash: Yosef‘s Invitation in to Exile

Rabbi Francis Nataf
Yosef wanting to see his father Yakov again is understandable. Perhaps Yosef could not have left Egypt to do so. But did Yosef’s desire to see him justify making his father leave Israel for Egypt?

Rabbi Francis Nataf
Vayigash: The Epic Confrontation Between Judah and Joseph

Rabbi David Fohrman
In this week’s parsha, Judah offers to sacrifice himself instead of Benjamin, because Jacob’s soul is bound up in the soul of Benjamin. Where do we see the same language used centuries later?

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Vayigash: Party Sacrifice of Peace

Rabbi Ben-Tzion Spitz
Before Jacob, animal sacrifices were completely consumed by fire. When he learned Yosef was alive, he offered a different type of sacrifice, the Shelamim, which is partially burnt and partially eaten

A Bull
The Foundation Stone: Parshat Vayigash

Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
Could Judah REALLY expect the Viceroy to grasp his subtle threats and insults when translated? He didn’t.

The Jew’s Calling Card

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
Our sages ask, “Who is wise? He who can learn from every person.” Is that realistic? Jew and gentile, young and old, nasty and nice – can we really learn from everyone? Evidently, yes.

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
Q & A: A Missed Torah Reading (Part VII)

Rabbi Yaakov Klass
Question: If a person was ill on Shabbos and unable to go to shul to hear Keri’at haTorah, must he have someone read it to him in shul upon his recovery? Sincerely, Isaac Greenberg

Soldiers In Hashem’s Army

Adina Hershberg
The scene was surreal. We could hear the battle raging in Aza, but in the host’s realm there was relaxation, conversation, and the bubbly voice of our grandson.

Krias Shema, Now?

Rabbi Raphael Fuchs
Since Yaakov was in the middle of the first pasuk of Krias Shema he was unable to interrupt himself, even to inquire about the wellbeing of his son the king.

Slavery, Independence, And Work Ethics (Bava Metzia 76b)

Raphael Grunfeld
The freedom to quit a job in the middle, like the exercise of all freedom, may need to be restrained to the extent that it hurts innocent people.

Incinerated Coupons Part II

Rabbi Meir Orlian
There is also another distinguishing factor to consider. In all the above cases, the item is inherently of value only to one person.

Daf Yomi

Rabbi Yaakov Klass
Must Investments Be Invested? ‘The Parts of the Iska Are Interdependent’ (Bava Metzia 105a)

What’s Your Currency?

Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier
If we didn’t understand the implications of the moment, or if we didn’t view them as monumental, they would pass as any other of millions of events we live through.


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