Izraeli Press Review of 20.03.12

Izraeli Press Review of 20.03.12

Major Headlines

Ashton : Toulouse remarks grossly distorted

Ynet : By Ynetnews —Office of EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner releases statement condemning terror attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse ; blames news agencies for distorting Ashton’s meaning…

After the carnage in Toulouse, France must stand together against anti-Semitism

Haaretz : By Bernard-Henri Lévy —Leading French intellectual says French leaders must come together to say that all of France is being attacked in wake of assault on Jewish school in Toulouse…

Lieberman Demands Ashton Retract Toulouse-Gaza Comparison

Arutz Sheva : By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu —Lieberman says EU foreign policy chief Ashton should retract her comparison of Toulouse murders with deaths in Gaza…