Donald Trump may invest in Israel

After brief presidential campaign, celebrity businessman planning to visit Israel to consider investment in real estate, tourism
Itamar Eichner

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, a known supporter of Israel, met with Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov over the weekend. During the meeting the Israeli minister advised Trump to visit Israel in order to consider the possibility of investing in tourism and local real estate.


Trump is considered as one of the biggest real estate entrepreneurs in the US, with properties not only in the US but around the world. Recently, Trump became more politically involved, although his attempt to win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination was a very short one.


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„Your visit will signal the world that Israel is a safe place for tourists,” Misezhnikov said to Trump. The minister stressed that an investment in Israel is a smart financial decision and not only a statement of political support.




Trump responded positively to the offer, and requested Executive Vice President at the Trump Organization Michael Cohen to set preparations for the visit as soon s possible.