University of Haifa press release: Cal State Study-Abroad Program to Israel is Reinstated, After 9-year Suspension

Travel-abroad program to Israel is reinstated, after 9-year suspension **The University of Haifa has been chosen by California State University as its only approved study abroad program in Israel. The decision signifies the end of a nine-year suspension of its travel-abroad program to Israel**

Almost a decade after suspending its study abroad opportunities for students wanting to study in Israel, California State University<; has reinstated the program and chosen the University of Haifa<; as its location of its study abroad students in Israel.

The Cal State Study Abroad Program is being reinstated in Israel after it was suspended in 2002 due to security concerns. The decision to choose University of Haifa was made after representatives of Cal Sate visited the Haifa campus and met with university officials, including the head of campus security.

„We are honored and pleased that Cal State has chosen the University of Haifa as the location of choice for Study Abroad in Israel. This decision affirms the strength and attractiveness of University of Haifa Study Abroad Programs<;,” stated Prof. David Faraggi, Rector of the University of Haifa. The new opportunity is being opened to the entire student body of the Cal State system, which comprises 23 campuses and over 400,000 enrolled students.

Prof. Hanan Alexander, Dean of Students and Head of the International School<; added, „Today the International School hosts over 800 students each year from over 40 countries around the world in fall and spring semester programs, as well as summer and winter intensive language programs. During the coming five years, we are looking to double those numbers by increasing partnerships with universities abroad who are attracted to the unique combination of academic excellence and cultural immersion offered by the University of Haifa.”

About University of Haifa and the International School The campus of the University of Haifa stands atop the Carmel Mountain ridge southeast of the city of Haifa<; and is surrounded by the Carmel National Park<;. The University considers the link between academic excellence and social responsibility as its flagship, and service to the community as one of its important goals.

The University of Haifa is the largest research university in northern Israel. It supports a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and cooperative endeavors with academic institutes around the world. As a thriving academic center marked by multiculturalism and tolerance, the University of Haifa is a growing institution with internationally recognized faculties. With some of the world’s most renowned professors, several of which are recipients of the prestigious Israel Prize, the country’s highest civilian accolade, the University is one of Israel’s foremost institutions of higher education.

The University houses six faculties (55 departments and 60 research centers): Humanities; Social Sciences; Natural Sciences; Law; Social Welfare and Health Sciences and Education; and numerous Schools including the Graduate School of Management, Social Work, History, Public Health, Political Sciences, the Graduate School of Creative Art Therapies and the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences. Some 18,000 students are studying toward a degree (B.A., M.A., or Ph.D.) in 2011/12.

The University of Haifa has recently launched several international MA Programs taught in English: Peace and Conflict Management; Business Administration and Patent Law; Holocaust and Genocide Studies; Creative Arts Therapies; and Maritime Civilizations.


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