4 rockets fired at Western Negev

Qassam rockets hit Hof Ashkelon, Sdot Negev and Eshkol Council. No injuries, damage reported
Shmulik Hadad

Three Qassam rockets fired from the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday exploded in the Western Negev. One rocket exploded in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council and two were fired at the Sdot Negev region.


Earlier on Wednesday, a rocket exploded in an open area at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. Also, the Color Red alarm was not activated.


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Security officers in Negev communities were surprised by the rocket fire. „We were not informed of any alert,” one of them said. „Even now after the firing we have not received any special instructions. We’re on alert.”



Hof Ashkelon Regional Council head Yair Farjoun estimated that the IDF will soon retaliate. „We cannot allow this drizzle of rockets which started last weekend to continue. The army cannot allow this reality of people living under incessant rocket fire to continue.”



Eshkol Council head Haim Yalin said: „The government is unable to make decisions. Either reach out and talk peace or reach out and make this region quiet again.”



The past week has seen two rockets fired at Israel. On Saturday, a Qassam hit an open area in the Western Negev. No injuries or damage were reported. The Air Force retaliated by bombing two targets in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians reported that a 60-year-old man was killed in the strike. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the IAF carried out direct hits against two terrorist tunnels.



On Friday, a Qassam rocket exploded in Hof Ashkelon. Damage was caused to several buildings and an electric pole, but no injuries were reported.



Ilana Curiel contributed to this report