Auschwitz museum files complaint over smuggled WWII files

Auschwitz museum files complaint over smuggled WWII files 

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„We’ve notified prosecutors (…) and the Institute of National Remembrance about the possibility of a crime having been committed after having heard media reports” alleging rare archives had been smuggled, Auschwitz Museum spokesman Pawel Sawicki told AFP.

Two German unidentified nationals are reported to have unearthed three crates of documents with the details of personnel that had worked at the notorious death camp during World War II.

Polish media reported the crates were found in Przelecz Kowarska, in southwestern Poland and near the German border by the Germans, and a Pole named Mieczyslaw Bojko.

These apparently rare, historical documents should have been handed over to Polish authorities, Sawicki said.

Nazi Germany killed about 1.3 million people at Auschwitz-Birkenau between 1940 and 1945, the vast majority of whom were Jews.

The other victims were mostly non-Jewish Poles, Romas and Soviet prisoners of war.