Clinton on Israel, Palestinian meeting: Must act boldly to advance peace

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed her support of the upcoming meeting between Israeli and Palestinian envoys with the Mideast Quartet, after the Jordanian government announced that Foreign Minister Judeh will host two meetings on January 3, one with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators and the Quartet envoys, and a second meeting between the Israeli and Palestinian representatives.



„We welcome and support this positive development. We knew that progress toward this goal would not be easy so it is essential that both sides take advantage of this opportunity. We are hopeful that this direct exchange can help move us forward on the pathway proposed by the Quartet. As the President and I have said before, the need for a lasting peace is more urgent than ever. The status quo is not sustainable and the parties must act boldly to advance the cause of peace,” she stated. (Yitzhak Benhorin, Washington)