Israel welcomes IAEA decision on Iran

Israel welcomes the decision adopted by the International Atomic Energy Agency on 4 February 2006 to bring the issue of the Iranian nuclear program to the United Nations Security Council. Israel hopes that the international community will act decisively and expeditiously, conveying a clear message to Teheran that it must put a complete and immediate end to its nuclear activities. The Iranian regime must understand that if it continues with its aggressive nuclear program, it will endanger its relationships with the community of nations.
Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: „Last week was characterized by important political and diplomatic activity designed to bring about a halt to Iran’s nuclear plans before these plans ripen into a very significant threat to both world peace and the State of Israel. There were two dramatic developments: The first was the IAEA decision to transfer the Iranian nuclear issue to the UN Security Council for a preliminary discussion. This was the fruit of a complex effort in which Israel played a not insignificant part and will, in the end, present Iran with a very expensive price tag if it continues with its plans and tries to enrich fuel in order to realize the option of producing non-conventional weapons. There was also a very important development in the remarks by US President George Bush, who said that the US would stand by its ally Israel, including in the military sphere, if this became necessary, vs. the Iranian threat. I would like to thank US President Bush both for his continuing friendship and for his deep commitment to Israel’s security.”