HA’ARETZ 1. SETTLERS: WE WILL START WITH RALLY IN SDEROT; POLICE: WE WILL ALLOW A FEW THOUSAND ONLY TO ENTER. Negotiations: No agreement between settlers and police over number of Sderot rally participants. Settlers: Promised to police that they would leave Sderot and spend night in Ofakim. Forces: 30,000 police and soldiers to try to prevent evacuation opponents from entering Gush Katif. Philadelphi corridor: Agreement with Egypt – 750 Egyptian soldiers to deploy in Rafiah area in September. 2. SUSPICION: POLICEMAN WAS HIT MAN FOR FARINYAN BROTHERS – AND WAS ELIMINATED. HATZOFEH 1. Yesha Council: Rally to be held in Sderot, even without approval; police: Only in Ofakim. SDEROT IN ORANGE. Police on top alert and channeling forces to south ahead of large-scale demonstration by disengagement opponents due to start at 18:00. If there is no agreement between sides – police plan to block roads south from Ashkelon. Mofaz’s excuse for banning demonstration in Sderot: Fear of Kassams. Agreement-in-principle achieved on IDF withdrawal from Philadelphi corridor. 2. CRIME AFFAIR: POLICEMAN BY DAY, CRIMINAL BY NIGHT. (.). Crime family suspected of friendly ties with Israel Police Maj.-Gen. Yoram Levi and MK Omri Sharon. Former senior police officer to Hatzofeh: There is apparent link between Levy’s promotion and Karadi’s appointment as Chief-of-Staff – and link is Farinyan family. 3. NATIONAL UNION AND RELIGIOUS ZIONISM UNIFY. 4. ISRAEL REJECTS PA REQUEST TO RECEIVE ADDITIONAL WEAPONS. MA’ARIV 1. Earthquake in police: Police murdered criminal for crime family. POLICEMAN WHO BECAME A HITMAN. (.). 2. Right-wing demonstration in Sderot: LAST MINUTE COMPROMISE Last night: After it seemed that clash was unavoidable, agreement was achieved. 5,000 people will be allowed to demonstrate in Sderot for three hours and will then go to Ofakim for main rally. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Settlements will be transferred to Palestinians during evacuation. COMPROMISE: TWO-HOUR RALLY IN SDEROT. Thus police and Yesha Council agreed last night. Disagreement over number of demonstrators that will be allowed to arrive. 2. (.). POLICEMAN ASSASSIN. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh warns against the apparent hardening of Iran’s position on the nuclear issue ahead of Saturday’s inauguration of its new President and raises the possibility of a renewed crisis in Tehran’s relations with the US and Europe. Yediot Ahronot believes that the Government must order the police to block right-wing demonstrators from trying to enter Gush Katif and arrest the organizers responsible in order to underscore democracy and the rule of law. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, criticizes the Government for requesting $ 2 billion from the US in order to finance – the presumably unilateral – disengagement and the development of the Negev and the Galilee. The editors believe that the Government could, and should, find its own sources of funding instead of – in effect – asking for a handout that, „strengthens Israel’s image as an exploitative and opportunistic client with no respect for itself.” BPI-info